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Unofficial Online Meeting of the Group

22 - 22 July 2020


The session will be start with the discussion on the role of fossil fuels in the future energy mix. It will be held within the context of the recent activities undertaken by the Sustainable Energy Division under the guidance of the Committee on Sustainable Energy. The following matters will be addressed:

- UNECE Carbon Neutrality project and the Group’s role in it,
- Policy Recommendations from the Pathways to Sustainable Energy Project, and

- The initiative of the International Year/Decade of Methane.

Besides, the Group will discuss its own future, giving focus to potential activities and modalities of its functioning. With regard to the former a discussion on a possible cooperation with the European Commission on methane emissions from the coal sector will be held. As for the latter, the Group will review and provide comments to draft Rules of Procedure that are being currently developed in the Division for all subsidiary bodies of the Committee on Sustainable Energy.

Since the session formally is to be unofficial, all the decisions made in its course will have to be approved at the physical joint meeting of all the Groups Experts that the Sustainable Energy Division plans to hold in September. The September meeting will be hybrid in nature. It is to be held physically in the Palais, but at the same time, due to travel restrictions that are likely to be still in place, it will be also possible to follow it online. At that meeting, the Group of Experts on CMM will be given a short amount of time, which will formally constitute the 15th session of the Group, to approve all the decisions made before at its informal meeting held online. No items other than approval of the decisions taken at the online session are envisaged for the September meeting. The latter will be limited to a purely administrative formalities, necessary to meet the UN requirements. Such unusual procedure is dictated by a concern raised by some member States, which approach virtual meetings with a great dose of caution.

The upcoming online meeting will be held in English only and will be limited to around 2 hours.

The Group’s meeting is to be followed by a joint meeting of our Group and the GMI Coal Sub-committee that will take place one day later, i.e. on Thursday, 23 July, at 13:30 to 15:30 Geneva time.

While the Report from the session will be formally adopted at the physical meeting in September, its text will reflect the discussions held at the online session and therefore you will be asked to approve it at the end of our virtual meeting in July. Since there will be no interpretation at the online session, Members who register for that meeting will receive a draft Conclusions and Recommendations and a draft Report ahead of the session, and will have an opportunity to submit their comments to those documents in writing before the meeting.

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Provisional agenda and timetable
Draft agenda for the session PDF
Draft timetablePDF
Other documents
Report of the 14th session of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane 
Draft conclusions and recommendations 
Draft conclusions and recommendationsPDF
Draft report
Draft Report of the 15th session of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane