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CES Bureau meeting

15 - 16 October 2020



Document Title
1 Provisional agenda
1/Add.1 Provisional timetable 
2 In-depth review of measuring circular economy (Finland et al.) PDF
3 Proposal for follow-up to the in-depth review of the role of the statistical community in climate action (Steering Group) PDF
4 Measuring digital transformation – follow-up (UNECE) PDF
5 New roles for statistical and geospatial agencies in emerging national data ecosystems – proposal for further work (UNECE) PDF
6 Data stewardship – proposal for further work (UNECE with input from Estonia and Ireland) PDF
8 Value of official statistics – issues for discussion in light of Covid-19 and extension of TOR (Task Force) PDF
9 Poverty measurement – further work (Steering Group) PDF
9/Add.1Renewal of terms of reference of the Steering Group on Measuring Poverty and Inequality (Steering Group) PDF
10Renewal of terms of reference of the Steering Group on Consumer Price Indices (Steering Group) PDF
11Gender statistics and the Covid-19 pandemic (UNECE) PDF
12Statistics on children, adolescents and youth – work plan (Task Force) PDF
13Follow-up on the 2019 CES seminar on access and use of new data sources PDF
14 Statistical Programme 2021 PDF