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Workshop on Statistical Data Collection

14 - 16 October 2019


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 Document Title Documents Presentations
Provisional Programme
Information Note 1
Information Note 2
Session 1: Innovative solutions to reduce the response burden
Session Organizers: Irene Salemink (Statistics Netherlands) and Britta Gauckler (Eurostat)
Using Big Data sources for official statistics
- Natalie Rosenski (Destatis, Germany) presented by Maren Köhlmann (Destatis)
Exploring precision farming data: a valuable new data source? A first orientation
- Tim Punt & Ger Snijkers (Statistics Netherlands)
Multiple sources in Business Surveys
- Paulo Saraiva, Almiro Moreira & Sofia Rodrigues (Statistics Portugal)
New survey design
- Sara Westling and Chandra Adolfsson (Statistics Sweden)
Progress on Adaptive Survey Design at Statistics Netherlands in 2019
- Kees van Berkel (Statistics Netherlands)
Session 2: Advances in Electronic Data Collection (CAWI)
Session Organizers: Lise Rivais (Statistics Canada) and Paulo Saraiva (Statistics Portugal)
The point of view of respondents about data collection modes
- Gabriella Fazzi, Barbara Lorè, Daniela Pagliuca, Maria Clelia Romano (Istat, Italy)
Running complex surveys on different devices: What’s the challenge? - Karin Blanke (Destatis, Germany)

Introducing a Push-to-Web Initiative for the Austrian Labour Force Survey: Who Can Be Reached and the Effects of Different Communication Strategies
- Matea Paskvan and Sarah Hartleib (Statistics Austria)
Online and electronic data collection
- Zahir Mehdiyev (State Statistical Committee Azerbaijan)
Session 3: Future Advanced Data Collection (interactive session)
Session Organizers: Irene Salemink (Statistics Netherlands) and Lise Rivais (Statistics Canada)
Future Advanced Data Collection
- Irene Salemink, Marcel van der Steen (Statistics Netherlands) and Stéphane Dufour and Lise Rivais (Statistics Canada)
Interactive activities
Session 4: Communication with respondents and data providers
Session Organizers: Zübeyir Özçelik (Turkish Statistical Institute) and Paulo Saraiva (Statistcs Portugal)
Assistance for respondents during data collection – the Statistics Poland experience
- Paweł Szymankiewicz (Statistics Poland)
Informing large enterprises to get prepared for a new survey: some analysis results
- Tim Punt, Ger Snijkers & Leanne Houben (Statistics Netherlands)
Alternatives offered to the informant to respond to Economic Censuses questionnaires
- Benito Arciniega Castro (INEGI, Mexico)
Communication with respondents of permanent censuses
- Sara Demofonti and Simona Pace (Istat, Italy)
Communication with Respondents in TurkStat
- Emre Üstündağ and Dr. Zübeyir Özçelik (Turkstat)
Tailoring Communication in Business Surveys
- Paulo Saraiva, Sofia Rodrigues and Glória Carrilho (Statistics Portugal)
Session 5: Modernisation of Data Collection
Session Organizers: Britta Gauckler (Eurostat)
Effects of Istat CDC (Centralised Data Collection) approach on the reduction of the Total Survey Error: experiences in data collection implementation field
- Giampaola Bellini, Silvia Binci, Loredana De Gaetan, Loredana De Gaetano & Pasquale Papa (Istat, Italy)
Using IST – data integration metadata-driven system and online data collection in the Pilot Census of population 2019
- Branko Josipović and Branko Dragišić (SORS, Serbia)
Modernizing Data Collection in Canada
- Lise Rivais (Statistics Canada)