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28th Session of the Committee on Sustainable Energy

25 - 27 September 2019

Salle XXVI, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Accelerating and deepening the transition to sustainable energy systems

The 2-degree Celsius commitment requires decarbonization in all economic sectors and of all potent greenhouse gases. In practice, this implies modernization of the energy sector with a focus on innovative solutions towards a green economy. It also suggests a rapid mastering of growing atmospheric concentrations of methane. Global and local uncertainties surrounding future energy prices, climate change impacts, international cooperation, geopolitical tensions, and technology developments, among many other factors, complicate an accelerated transition by adding economic and social aspects.

You are invited to join the 28th session of the Committee on Sustainable Energy in Geneva to exchange views about some of the consequences of the ongoing energy transition for the UNECE region and how to accelerate further and deepen the transition to sustainable energy systems.

At this session and based on the input from its six subsidiary bodies: energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner electricity systems, coal mine methane, gas and resource management, the Committee will be consulted on geopolitical developments, ECE subregional specificities and the role of technologies in reaching sustainable energy, as there are numerous interpretations of what is "Sustainable Energy" or what could be a strategic pathway to achieve it. Building on the preceding discussions, the Committee will be requested to endorse steps to accelerate progress towards attaining the energy-related SDGs.

The results from a preceding workshop on the "understanding on the role of natural gas in achieving the 2030 Agenda" will inform the discussions and is offered to all interested experts.

  • 24 September 2019: Improved understanding of the role of natural gas in achieving the 2030 Agenda: The potential for natural gas to penetrate new markets; the role of gas in sustainable energy; natural gas and competing fuels; and natural gas supporting the uptake of renewable energy (limited space)
  • 25-27 September 2019: 28th Session of the Committee on Sustainable Energy
  • 25 September 2019: High-level session on Pathways to Sustainable Energy

For better planning please register online

A draft agenda and supporting documentation will shortly be made available. The overview of the week is attached here.



if you have any difficulties in registering online, please send an e-mail to : sustainable.energy.committee@un.org

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I. Opening and Introduction
Agenda item 1: Opening and adoption of the Agenda
Annotated provisional agenda for the twenty-eighth session



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Overview of the UNECE Sustainable Energy Week 24-27 September 2019



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