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Workshop on Statistics for SDGs

17 - 18 April 2019



 Document Title
Provisional Programme  PDF
Report ENG --
Session 1 - Setting the stage: statistical capacity development in EECCA and SEE regions
Statistical capacity development for SDGs - recent initiatives and outcomes from workshops in other regions (UNSD) ENG
Regional statistical capacity development strategy - practical examples from Adapted Global Assessments (UNECE) ENG
Capacity development on SDGs in UNECE region (UNECE) ENG -- ENG--
Outcomes of MAPS missions - UN regional issue-based Coalition (IBC) on SDG data (UN Women) ENG
Session 2 - Geospatial Data and methods for statistics for SDGs
 - Update from the IAEG-SDG on the WGGI (Sweden) ENG --
 - WHO Impact Framework  ENG --
 - FAO: Use of Geospatial Data for SDG Monitoring ENG --
 - UN Environment: Measuring progress ENG --
From points and pixels to statistics (Eurostat) ENG RUS
Country experience in use of geospatial data for SDG monitoring: Mountain Green Cover Index (MGCI) (Turkey) ENG RUS
Using geospatial data for SDGs (Georgia) ENG RUS
UN-GGIM: Europe  (Portugal) ENG RUS
UN SDGs - Ireland's innovative approach using geospatial visualization ENG RUS
Albanian experience in use of geospatial data for SDG visualization  ENG RUS
GIS, Big Data: First steps, challenges and future plans (Kazakhstan)  ENG RUS
Session 3 - Data disaggregation for SDGs: international monitoring
Update of the work of the IAEG-SDG workstream on disaggregation (Canada) ENG RUS
Data disaggregation (UNSD)
UNICEF Support for Data disaggregation ENG --
Health Inequality monitoring (WHO) ENG ENG --
Session 3 b - Data disaggregation for SDGs: national monitoring
Experiences with disaggregating SDG data: socio-demographic characteristics

 - Belarus ENG RUS
 - Kyrgyzstan  ENG RUS
 - Kazakhstan ENG RUS
 - Tajikistan ENG RUS
Session 4 - Concluding session: capacity development priorities related to data disaggregation and geospatial data