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Workshop on the valuation of ecosystem benefits from air pollution abatement


The Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment organized and hosted the second workshop of the Network of Experts on Benefits and Economic Instruments (NEBEI). The main purpose of the workshop was to identify (a) the state of play in ecosystem valuation, (b) the degree of credibility of existing benefit estimates, and (c) the remaining research challenges.

Report to the Working Group on Strategies and Review (on the results of the workshop): 


The agenda below gives access to the presentations/reports that are available electronically.


Tilly Zwartepoorte, Director Climate Change and Industry, Ministry of the Environment, The Netherlands

The Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution and the role of benefit assessment,
Henning Wuester, UNECE secretariat, Geneva

The role of economic valuation of the benefits on nature and ecosystems in UNECE/CLTRAP work: history debate, outstanding issues, objectives of the Workshop,
David Pearce, United Kingdom, Rapporteur, UNECE National Experts on Benefits and Economic Instruments (absent from the workshop

Introduction to the Workshop,
Johan Sliggers, Co-ordinator Acidification and Continental Air Pollution Directorate Climate Change and Industry, Ministry of the Environment, The Netherlands


Valuation of Air Pollution Effects on Pollution Effects on Ecosystems: a scoping study.
Douglas MacMillan, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

The role of valuation in the political decision making process: experience in the Netherlands.
Elisabeth Ruijgrok, Witteveen en Bos, The Netherlands

Assessment of Benefits on ecosystems within the ExternE methodology,
Bert Droste-Franke, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Forest Aesthetic Effects from Air Pollutants,
Linda Chapell, Environment Protection Agency, USA

Reducing acidification: the benefits of increased nature quality estimates with CVM.
Elisabeth Ruijgrok and Piet Klop, ECORYS - NEI, The Netherlands.


Linking physical and economic indicators of environmental damages; acidic deposition in Norway,
Stle Navrud, Agricultural University, Norway

Eutrophication of estuaries and acidification of freshwater bodies - the benefits and costs of the Clean Air Act, 1990 - 2010,
Linda Chapell, Environmental Protection Agency, USA


Benefits associated with groundwater less contaminated with nitrate, aluminium and heavy metals.
Rafael van der Velde, Witteveen en Bos, The Netherlands.

Modelling the Consequences of Air pollution on biodiversity.
Arjen van Hinsberg and Hans Kros, RIVM, The Netherlands

Additional costs of nature management caused by deposition.
Wieger Wamelink, Alterra, Green World Research, The Netherlands


The Platform for Economic Valuation of Nature: http://topshare.wur.nl/naturevaluation

The Environmental Infomation Reference Inventory: http://www.evri.ec.gc.ca/

Database of estimates of marginal external costs of air pollution collated by the European Commission: http://www.europa.eu.int/comm/environment/enveco/studies2.htm#Marginal%20external%20costs%20air%20pollutio