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Statistical organizations to gather in Geneva to develop strategic communications framework

The environment in which official statistics operate has changed significantly over the last two decades and continues to evolve. Developments in digital technology have led to a rise in the number of alternative data providers, and new communication platforms such as social media have also changed the way people look for and consume information.

In this increasingly competitive environment, National Statistical Organizations (NSOs) have to rethink their approach and methods for communicating with data users and the public. As part of this process, an effective communications strategy can be vital in maintaining the relevance of official statistics, helping NSOs to consistently and clearly communicate their values, purpose and unique role within the broader statistical landscape.

To assist countries in this adaptation, UNECE is launching a new project to develop a Strategic Communications Framework for NSOs. This was identified by the UNECE High-Level Group for the Modernization of Official Statistics as a key priority for 2018.

The Framework will provide NSOs with the tools to review and renew their communication approach, methods, and process, and to develop a strategic approach to communication. This will help them to increase their visibility, relevance, and brand recognition. In addition, the project will develop tools for NSOs to take a proactive approach to managing communications issues and reputation. Together, the project will help organizations to look at communications strategies in broader risk management and business continuity contexts.

The project will kick off with a “Strategic Communication Sprint”, hosted by UNECE, from 12 to 16 February 2018. This will bring NSOs and other stakeholders together in order to ensure a common understanding of concepts and priorities, and to agree on an outline of project outputs.