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Workshop on Statistical Data Collection

10 - 12 October 2018


For more information about the event, please visit the workshop wiki.


 Document Title
Provisional Programme PDF
Information Note 1 PDF
Information Note 2 PDF
Opening Presentations: 
Centralizing data collection implementation: the Istat experience PDFPDF
Integrated data for Population and Household statistics – ONS’s plans for whole system change
- Becky Tinsley & Ian O’ Sullivan (ONS, United Kingdom)
Session 1 - Modernise Data Collection Infrastructures
Session Organizers: Frances Comerford (Central Statistical Office, Ireland) and Ian O’Sullivan (Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom)
Online household diary in Hungarian Household Budget Survey. Magic kit or mistake.
- Éva Ménesi (Central Statistical Office, Hungary)
A Case Management System for Social Surveys based on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard: Implementation and experiences at Statistics Austria.
- Josef Kytir (Statistics Austria)
Transition to the CATI Method at CPI Household Rental Prices Survey.
- Zübeyir Özçelik (Turkish Statistical Institute)
Specification and immediate visualization of a questionnaire, a metadata approach for a mixed-mode data collection infrastructure.
- Benoît Werquin (Insee, France)
CAPI-STIS: Integrated Digitalized Data Collection Software System for Official Statistics Survey.
- Takdir Takdir (Politeknik Statistika STIS, Statistics Indonesia)
Challenges for survey design in a centralized data collection framework.
- Maria Clelia Romano (Istat, Italy)
Session 2 - Innovative Survey Design
Session Organizers: Lise Rivais (Statistics Canada) and Britta Gauckler (Eurostat)
Orchard survey, 2017 in Hungary -Transforming respondents to users and increase the intensity of cooperation.
- Ágnes Patay (Central Statistical Office, Hungary)
Seeds of Innovation at the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel Data Collection using a Tablet Computer.
- Alice Baron (Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel)
Compilation Method of the “Wholesale Services Price Index” in Japan.
- Kenichi Sakura (Bank of Japan)
The effect of response measures in business surveys.
- Ger Snijkers, Margreet Geurden-Slis (Statistics Netherlands)
Interactive session 3 - Facing our challenges
Steering Committee Facilitator: Ian O’Sullivan (Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom)
Survey on challenges & ways forward 
- Salome Studer (UNECE)
Session 4 - Capabilities and management
Session Organizers: Barteld Braaksma (Statistics Netherlands) and Paulo Saraiva dos Santos (Statistics Portugal)
Standardized and integrated processes: communication with respondents and training of the interviewers networks.
-  Sara Demofonti, Jolanda Giaconi, Donatella Grassi & Maria Clelia Romano (Istat, Italy)
System of composite indicators of the economic activity of Serbia (VIPAS) in short-term forecasting of GDP.
- Goran Katic (Statistics Serbia)
Towards Response Burden Management across surveys.
- Anita Vaasen-Otten & Margreet Geurden-Slis (Statistics Netherlands)
Reshaping management of the household surveys in the Hungarian Central Statistical Office.
- Ádám Baric & András Borbély (Central Statistical Office, Hungary)
Agility in practice – options and limitations in applying SCRUM.
- Karen Blanke (Destatis - Federal Statistical Office Germany)
Session 5 - Optimize data acquisition
Session Organizers: Bilal Kurban (Turkish Statistical Institute) and Britta Gauckler (Eurostat)
Adaptive data collection at Statistics Netherlands with an application to the Health Survey.
- Kees van Berkel (Statistics Netherlands)
Fostering modern and innovative data collection methods in several U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics business surveys.
- Kenneth W. Robertson (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The actions taken to enable the administrative records to be used by subject matter units, the difficulties experienced and the proposed solutions in Turkstat.
- Bilal Kurban (Turkstat, Turkey), presented by Zübeyir Özçelik (Turkish Statistical Institute)
Use of administrative VAT data for the short-term turnover estimates in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- Fahir Kanlic (Agency for statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Business Data Collection: From questionnaires to data sets.
- Paulo Saraiva (Statistics Portugal)