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Sub-regional workshop: Enhancing transboundary water cooperation in the North Africa region

20 - 21 December 2017

Tunis, Tunisia

Recognizing the common threats of declining water resources, increased pollution and extreme weather events, as well as the pressure from a continually increasing demand on such resources, the workshop will explore the benefits of strengthening transboundary water cooperation for boosting regional development by creating shared socio-economic and investment related, environmental, peace and security benefits. 

The workshop will focus on topical discussions relevant to the specific context and needs of countries of the North Africa region (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia), such as:

· Increasing resilience to extreme events and the added-value of the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus approach;

· Discussing the role of international water law to promote transboundary water management and the progress in the region towards accession to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes;

· Discussing implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water, specifically its target 6.5.

The workshop is jointly organized by UNECE and GWP-Med, under the Patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries of Tunisia. The workshop is implemented as part of the regional project Making Water Cooperation Happen in the Mediterranean financially supported by SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).

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