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Workshop on Statistical Data Collection

10 - 12 October 2017

Ottawa, Canada

Meeting documents as well as the outcome of the small group discussions are also available from the UNECE Data Collection wiki.


Doc. no. Document Title Papers Presentations
INF.1 Information Note 1 PDF  
INF.2 Information Note 2 PDF
Timetable PDF
Welcome and other presentations
Welcome and opening remarks UNECE: Taeke Gjaltema (UNECE)  
Welcome address Statistics Canada: Stéphane Dufour (Assistant Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada)  
WP.0-2 Key note speech: Web-push surveys and the world-wide challenge of being neither too far ahead nor behind our respondents. Don A Dillman (Washington State University) Presentation
Session 1: Alternative sources and ways of data collection to reduce survey burden
Session organizers: Lise Rivais (Statistics Canada) and Niki Stylianidou (Eurostat)
WP.1-1 Evaluating the Use of Publicly Available Building Permit Data to Compliment Data Collection and Analysis of Construction Surveys: 
Angela Delano (US Census Bureau)
Paper Presentation
WP.1-2 Integration of administrative and survey data to reduce respondent burden: the Italian experience in the field of agriculture statistics:
Monica Perez & Colomba Sermoneta (Istat, Italy)
Paper Presentation
WP.1-4 Reducing Survey Burden Through Third-Party Data Sources:
Rebecca Hutchinson (US Census Bureau)
Paper Presentation
WP.1-5 Dissolving Questionnaire Borders with Technology: 
Jeldrik Bakker, Bjoern Ole Mussmann, Barry Schouten & Rob Warmerdam (Statistics Netherlands)
Paper Presentation
WP.1-6 Using Administrative Data for Statistical purposes - Statistics Portugal Experience:
Paulo Saraiva and Almiro Moreira (Statistics Portugal)
Paper Presentation
WP.1-7 Centre for Big Data Statistics: 
Barteld Braaksma (Statistics Netherlands)
Paper Presentation
WP.0-3 Blue Sky Thinking Network: 
Barteld Braaksma (Statistics Netherlands/UNECE)
Session 2: Modernisation of data collection 
Session Organizers: Paulo Saraiva (Statistics Portugal) and Niki Stylianidou (Eurostat)
WP.2-1 Transformation of UK Business Data Collection.
Debra Prestwood, Nick Barford & Louise Morris (ONS, United Kingdom)
Paper  Presentation
WP.2-2 Modernisation of Business Statistics data collection.
Tara Davis (CSO, Ireland)
Paper  Presentation
WP.2-3 Phoenix: Redsign of the data collection process and systems.
Marc Houben (Statistics Netherlands)
Paper  Presentation
WP.2-4 Transforming social survey data collection in the UK - opportunities and challenges.
Ian O’Sullivan and Ed Dunn (ONS, United Kingdom)
Paper  Presentation
WP.2-5 A standard procedure for the optimization of surveys questionnaires design.
Stefania Macchia (Istat, Italy)
Paper  Presentation
WP.2-6 Standardized and modernized data editing in Statistics Denmark.
Hanne-Pernille Stax (Statistics Denmark)
Paper  Presentation
WP.2-7 Moving to Automated Collection using SDMX.
Gareth McGuinness (International Monetary Fund)
Paper  Presentation
Session 3: Use of new technologies, skills and mind-set for data collection
Session Organizers: Bilal Kurban (Turkish Statistical Institute) and Barteld Braaksma (Statistics Netherlands)
WP.3-2 The impact of ongoing technical developments on the entire data production – from concepts, programming to testing and data collection.
Karen Blanke (Destatis, Germany)
Paper  Presentation
WP.3-3 Agricultural Census in Montenegro – methods of data collection.
Dragan Pekovic (MONSTAT, Montenegro)
Paper  Presentation
WP.3-4 Survey Solutions - an integrated system of data collection, survey management and data aggregation.
Michael Lokshin (Worldbank)
Paper  Presentation
WP.3-5 Questionnaire design for smartphones (and tablets) – an on-going journey from mobile unfriendly to mobile friendly to mobile optimization.
Jeldrik Bakker and Bjoern Ole Mussmann (Statistics Netherlands)
Paper  Presentation
WP.3-6 A citizen data app: reflections on a collaborative practice.
Evelyn Ruppert and Francisca Grommé (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Paper  Presentation
WP.1-3 Surveying Informal Enterprises: Applying Stratified Adaptive Cluster Sampling using CAPI with Implementation and Monitoring Tools.
Gemechu Aga, David C Francis & Michael Wild (World Bank)
Paper  Presentation
Session 4: Management of data collection
Session Organizers: Paulo Saraiva (Statistics Portugal) and Evelyn Ruppert (Goldsmith -University of London)
WP.4-1 Active Management Framework to Monitor and Manage Data Collection.
François Laflamme, Dominique Chabot-Hallé, Sylvie Bonhomme and Dennis Galante (Statistics Canada)
Paper  Presentation
WP.4-2 Modernizing data collection preparation, management, data correction. Integration of data collection infrastructures and technologies to optimize processes and resources.
Heidi Pellmas (Statistics Estonia)
Paper Presentation
WP.4-3 Intersectoral partnership and outsourcing of data collection in the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.
Vojko Segan (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia)
Paper Presentation
WP.4-5 Statistics Canada’s Experiences to Manage Responsive Collection Design for Household Surveys.
François Laflamme, Dominique Chabot-Hallé & Sylvain Hamel (Statistics Canada)
Paper Presentation
WP.4-6 Planning the 2020 Census in Mexico: perspective and challenges for data collection.
Carole Schmitz (INEGI, Mexico)
Paper Presentation
WP.4-7 CORStat as a tool for managing surveys and interviewers.
Magdalena Janczur (Statistics Poland)
Paper Presentation
Session 5: Communication with Respondents
Session Organizer: Frances Comerford, Central Statistics Office, Ireland
WP.5-1 Optimization of data collection from enterprises by use of nudging initiatives.
Carsten Zornig (Statistics Denmark)
Paper Presentation
WP.5-2 Communication with respondents in business surveys conducted by Reporting Portal.
Anna Dlugosz (Central Statistical Office Poland)
Paper Presentation
WP.5-3 How to motivate and catch hard-to-reach groups in household surveys.
Vesa Virtanen (Statistics Finland)
Paper Presentation
WP.5-4 Activities to reduce response burden: pre-filling of questionnaires, development of questionnaires and electronic data submission environment eSTAT based on feedback from respondents and data processing phase.
Epp Karus (Statistics Estonia)
Paper Presentation
WP.5-5 Using Behavioural Science to influence respondents … and ourselves.
Helen Moore (ONS, United Kingdom)
Paper Presentation