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Fifth Meeting of the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management

22 - 24 May 2017

Norway, Tromso

The  meeting focused on topics related to the preparation of the next rounds of the international data collection processes. The report (including the main documents) is available at:http://www.unece.org/forests/msfm/reports.html.

Presentations made at the meeting are here.

Item 1. AgendaMr. Stein M. TOMTER- Leader ToS PDF
Item 2. Presentation on Norwegian forests and forestry Ms. Gro HYLEN-NIBIO, NorwayPDF
Item 3a. Presentation of the overall preparatory process for FRA 2020Mr. Anssi PEKKARINEN – FAOPDF
Item 3b. FRA 2020 specification, terms and definitionsMr. Örjan JONSSON, FAO PDF
Item 4a. Pilot studies on the new pan-European indicatorsMr. Matej SCHWARZ– FOREST EUROPEPDF
Item 4a. Reporting format and definitions of substantially altered pan-European indicatorsMr. Martin MORAVČÍK– FOREST EUROPEPDF
Item 4b. Tentative roadmap for the preparation next report on State of Europe´s ForestsMr. Rastislav RAŠI– FOREST EUROPEPDF
Item 4b. Coordination and cooperation between the global and the pan-European data collection processesMr. Roman MICHALAK-UNECE/FAOPDF
Item 5.   Strategic Review of the IPoW – the ToR and activities of the Team in the IPoW 2018-2021Mr. Roman MICHALAK- UNECE/FAOPDF



For more information on the meeting contact Roman Michalak or call +41 22 719-2879.