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Forest Communicators Network - Annual Meeting

30 May - 1 June 2017

Malaga, Spain


Meeting Report

The report of the meeting is available here.

The video report of the meeting is available here.

Provisional Agenda

Download the full Agenda, as of 26-05-2017, here.



Meeting venue

La Noria
C/ Arroyo de los Ángeles 50
29011 Malaga

Find more information in the Logistic Notes.


The Mediterranean Forest Communicators' Network - Platform for Medforest challengesPatricia R. Sfeir pdf
Challenges for the Mediterrean regionLourdes Lázaro pdf
My forest in times of climate changeGeri Steindlegger pdf
The use of wood is good for the climate - We make our forest climate fit! - Austrian national campaignGeorg Rappold pdf
Wildfire risk communication - lessons learned dealing with complexityEduard Plana,
Marc Font
SFM indicators for communicating on forests Ana Belén Noriegapdf
The communication session at IUFRO’s 125 Years Anniversary Congress Gerda Wolfrumpdf
Communication in the context of the UN Strategic Plan on Forests

Mita Sen

70th anniversary of the forestry collaboration between FAO and UNECE Theresa Loeffler pdf
European Forest Week 2017 Theresa Loefflerpdf
Capacity building workshop for countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the CaucasusMaria DeCristofaropdf
Activities, achievements and future plans on Forest Pedagogics Thomas Baschny pdf
Sustainable Development Goals as communication framework Colin Mortonpdf
SFM Indicators as policy and communication toolStefanie Linserpdf
SFM indicators bilingual database of UNECE and State of Europe’s Forest User Survey Theresa Loefflerpdf
On Natures Side Jolanta Stankiewiczpdf
Mapping certified forests for SFM - a global online tool Florian Kraxnerpdf
Backstage on a successful social media campaignMaria DeCristofaropdf
Swiss Wood Campaign: #WOODVETIAAdrian Schmutzpdf


Pictures of the Meeting

Pictures of the meeting are available on the ECE/FAO flickr account.

Media Coverage

Diputatión de Málaga

20 minutos


Team Leader: Ingwald Gschwandtl

UNECE/FAO Secretary: Theresa Loeffler

More information about the Team of Specialists on Forest Communication (Forest Communicators' Network) can be found here.