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Las2017 - joint session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry and the FAO European Forestry Commission

9 - 13 October 2017

Warsaw, Poland

Las2017 - the joint 75th session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) and the 39th session of the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) will be held  9 - 13 October 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. In conjunction with Las2017, the 4th European Forest Week will be celebrated throught Europe, under the theme of "Forests, our common good".

Contact Paola Deda or Ekrem Yazici for more information.

Details about the meeting will be updated here on a regular basis.


The documents will be made available below.


Official DocumentENGFRRU
Provisional AgendaPDFPDFPDF
Report of the Joint SessionPDFPDFPDF
Global Forest Policy Matters PDFPDFPDF
Review of 2017 activities, and activities and publications planned for 2018 PDFPDFPDF
Forest Resources Assessment 2020 (FRA2020), enhanced and streamlined international reportingPDFPDFPDF
System for the Evaluation of Management of Forests (SEMAFOR)PDFPDFPDF
(Draft) Integrated Porgramme of Work PDFPDFPDF
Establishment of ECE/FAO Teams of Specialists and renewal of Terms of Reference of the Joint ECE/Fao Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management PDFPDFPDF
Draft Forest Products Market StatementPDFPDFPDF
Draft Rules of Procedure for the CommitteePDFPDFPDF
Programme of Work and publications 2018-2019PDFPDFPDF
Strategic Framework 2020-2021 PDFPDFPDF
Follow-up to the decisions of the thirty-eighth session of the European Forestry CommissionPDFPDFPDF
Forest Invasive Species Network for Europe and Central Asia PDFPDFPDF
Forest Landscape Restoration Mechanism work under climate change conditions in the region PDFPDFPDF
Progress of Silva Mediterranea and the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds PDFPDFPDF
Strengthening FAO’s work on boreal and temperate forests PDFPDFPDF
Monitoring of SDGs within the scope of FAO-REU regional initiativesPDFPDFPDF
The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) High-level Panel of Experts (HLPE) study on Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition  PDFPDFPDF
A new strategic document for FAO in forestryPDFPDFPDF
FAO contributions to the global process PDFPDFPDF
Contributions to FAO Governance PDFPDFPDF




Please download the draft programme (as of 17 August) here.




To register online, please use this link.

Please note that the deadline for registration is 31 August 2017.




The venue of the meeting is the

Hotel Novotel Warsaw Centrum, 98

Marszalkowska 94

00-510 Warsaw


Visit the website of the hotel.


Rooms have been pre-reserved at the Novotel for participants of Las2017, for the special rate of 100-110 Euros per night. Kindly note that the rooms are only reserved until the end of August. To make a room booking, please follow the online booking procedure (download booking instructions):

1) Go to the following reservation website

2) Select the relevant dates, and click at the bottom of the page on + MY CLIENT BENEFITS

3) Type the code LAS17 into the field Preferential code

4) Click on BOOK

5) Click on the first room on the next page STANDARD ROOM.

6) You will see the special Las2017 room offer

7) Book the room


Alternatively, find below a list of other recommended hotels:

Hotel Metropol***

Marszałkowska Str. 99A

00-693 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 325 31 00

walking distance (3 minutes by foot, app. 0,1 km)


Polonia Palace Hotel*****

Al. Jerozolimskie 45

00-692 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 318 28 00

walking distance (5 minutes by foot, app. 0,2 km)


Mercure Warszawa Centrum****

Złota Str. 48/54

00-120 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 697 39 99

walking distance (15 minutes by foot, app. 1,0 km)


Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto***

Muranowska Str. 2

00-209 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 310 00

(app. 15 min. by tram no. 15 or 18)


Sound Garden Hotel****

Żwirki i Wigury 18

02-092 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 279 14 11

(app. 25 min. by bus no. 175)


Las 2017 will be held in conjunctin with the 4th European Forest Week (EFW), which will be celebrated throughout Europe during the same week. As part of Las2017 and as a contribution to the EFW, there will be the opportunity to organize special events at the joint session in Warsaw under the theme of Las2017.

The following special events are planned:

- Forest Carbon Farms: The Polish State Forests’ innovative project for climate protection

- Green Jobs

- Development projects of the Polish State Forests as a major stimulator for rural and less urbanized areas

- Developing a communication strategy for the UN Strategic Plan for Forests

- Circumboreal Cooperation

- Linking livelihoods to climate resilient landscapes: Forest and farm producer organizations as key actors in achieving the SDGs and the Paris Accord

- Forest management planning in Poland: Organization, history, future

- The outcomes of the survey on perception of SFM and Forest Certification

- The Timber Inventory System Project – Combating illegal logging: Tools technologies and educatioN


- The natural and cultural heritage of the Bialowieża Forest

You will further have the opportunity to “Meet the Specialists”, where experts from different ECE/FAO Teams of Specialists (ToS) will be available to meet with the participants of Las2017 and explain the work of their ToS.

Special events will be taking place from 13:15 – 14:45 on the 9, 10, 11 and 12 October. In case you would like to organize such an event, please refer to this information document. There are still a few spaces available and proposals may be submitted until 15 August 2017.

For further information, please contact Maike Carstensen.


ECE and FAO are organizing a Forestry History Photo Exhibition portraying the development of the forest sector over the last 70 years. Should you have any interesting pictures from the post-war period to nowadays, showing forest workers, forest related meetings, excursions, saw-mills, forest related industries etc. please share them with us!
Kindly send your pictures indicating your name, the place and date the picture was taken, and a brief description of the picture to photosECE-FAOforest@unece.org.
Submissions are most welcome until 31 August 2017.
The exhibition will be displayed during Las2017 in Warsaw.


The following 3 field trips will be offered to participants at Las2017:

Field Trip 1 (13-14 October): Białowieża Forest – Mankind's natural and cultural heritage

Field Trip 2 (13 October): Forest Carbon Farms The State Forests’ innovative project for climate protection

Field Trip 3 (13 October): Visit of the head office of the Forest Research Institute in Sękocin Stary near Warsaw

You can find further information on the three field trips below:



Field Trip 1 (13-14 October)
Białowieża Forest – Mankind's natural and cultural heritage

13 October

8:00: Departure from Warsaw

Arrival in the Białowieża Forest District, check-in at the hotel

Field presentation of spruce tree standsdamaged by a bark beetle, degraded and endangered habitats within Natura 2000 network and works performed by foresters that are aimed at preventing theconsequences of gradation

Meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, the State Forests and local community in forest education centre (presentation regarding inventory results of natural and cultural heritage of the Forest)

Return to the hotel

14 October

Transfer to Hajnówka Forest District, next to the narrow gauge railway ride through forest complexes of the Białowieża Forest in order to familiarise participants with natural and tourist values of the Forest

Transfer to Narewka in order to present natural regeneration within the area of Browsk Forest District, dinner, end of session

Departure for Warsaw

18:00: Arrival in Warsaw



Field Trip 2 (13 October)

Forest Carbon Farms The State Forests’ innovative project for climate protection

13 October
9:00: Departure from Warsaw

Arrival in the Celestynów Forest District, introduction to the topic by Konrad Tomaszewski, Director General of the State Forests, movie presentation

Field presentation of selected additional activities in forestry, which increase the absorption of CO2 by forest ecosystem, such as the introduction of oak underplanting, active protection of palustrine areas, natural regenerations

Visiting a forest education centre

17:00: Arrival in Warsaw



Field Trip 3 (13 October)

Visit of the head office of the Forest Research Institute in Sękocin Stary near Warsaw

Participants will have opportunity to know the main research topics in Polish forestry. The organizers are going to present general information about capacity building of national research in areas such as remote sensing and Lidar measurements used in forest management and monitoring, presentation of the prevention and monitoring of forest fires, methods and results about carbon sequestration in forest soils, the progress in DNA analyses using in forestry, best practises in forest environmental education, forest inventory system in Poland and data management by Forest Data Bank. Besides the cameral presentation, there will be an office presentation both in the laboratories, as well as in the local forest.

The host organizations are leaders in national forest science and inventory. The Forest Research Institute was established in 1930 and is currently subordinated to the Minister of Environment. IBL cooperates within the frameworks of IUFRO, FAO, EFI and Forest Europe.

The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL) is a state enterprise. It is the main contractor of forest management planning in Poland. The company consists of the headquarters and 12 branches, employing in total about 700 people.


13 October
9:00Welcome (IBL, BULiGL)
9:10The Forest Research Institute’s activities, goals and tools (presentation of general information about forest research in Poland, film about IBL history and activities)
9:45 Forest fire protection system in Poland (presentation of Polish results in fire protection of forests, Laboratory of Forest Fire Protection)
10:05Remote sensing and Lidar measurements as a tool for better forest management and monitoring - office presentation (presentation in the field of forest measurements by Terrestrial Lasers Scanner – TLS and other tools using in remote sensing)
10:35Coffee Break
11:00Carbon sequestration in forest soil (presentation of analysis of carbon content in forest soil, visit in Laboratory of Natural Environment Chemistry - certified by Polish Centre for Accreditation)
11:45Continuing in the field - Remote sensing and Lidar measurements as a tool for better forest management and monitoring (field presentation of tools using in remote sensing and Lidar measurement)
12:15Application of DNA analyses in forestry (presentation of DNA analysis in Laboratory of Molecular Biology)
12:45Forest environmental education (presentation best practices in forest informal education)
13:30General information about Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (presentation of general information about forest inventory system in Poland)

Forest Data Bank (the aims and scope, users of data)



Information about invitation letters and how to obtain your visa will be made available here very shortly.