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Joint workshop WPLA/CLRKEN

21 April 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland

Joint workshop prepared by the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA) and the EuroGeographics-Cadastre and Land Registry Knowledge Exchange Network (CLRKEN). It will be hosted by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo) and will take place on Friday, 21 April 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. It will be organized in close cooperation between the three partners.

The focus of the workshop will be on land administration and land management and it will be embedded in the 100 years celebration of IGS, the Swiss association of private land surveyors, who organizes an international joint expert conference with the Council of European Surveyors (CLGE) the day before on the 20 April 2017 (see also http://www.igs100.ch/en/wplaclrken-joint-workshop.html). WPLA and CLRKEN participants are invited to also participate in this expert conference.

The workshop will be free of charge; however participants must cover their own costs for transportation and accommodation. 

The workshop will be held in English.

Report of the workshop

Invitation letter


For further information or questions, please contact

Amie Figueiredo (housing.landmanagement@unece.org) or Daniel Steudler (Daniel.Steudler@swisstopo.ch)