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Workshop on Consistency between National Accounts and Balance of Payments Statistics

3 - 5 October 2017

Minsk, Belarus

Document Title

Report PDF PDF

Session 1: Importance of consistency between national accounts and balance of payments statistics

Consistency between National Accounts and Balance of Payments statistics in the EU – the state of consistency in the non-financial accounts (Eurostat)  PDF PDF

Users’ needs in the EU and Euro area - why consistency matters (European Central Bank - ECB) PDF PDF

BoP-NA: a (national) user perspective (Netherlands)  PDF
Session 2: Implementation of the 2008 SNA and BPM6: national practices in ensuring coordination, data quality and consistency

Quality in the external account (ECB) PDF PDF

Reasons for inconsistencies: A compiler survey on the causes of inconsistency in the non-financial accounts (Eurostat) PDF PDF

Integrating Balance of Payments and National Accounts in Norway – a long journey (Norway) PDF PDF

Current status and key issues of 2008 SNA implementation in the CIS region (CIS-STAT) PDF PDF

Overview of the countries questionnaires (UNECE) PDF PDF

Integration BoP and Sector Accounts in Netherlands (Netherlands) PDF PDF

Turkish experience of producing sector accounts and balance of payment statistics – consistency issues (Turkey) PDF PDF

Compiling financial accounts for Russian Federation (Russian Federation) PDF PDF
National Accounts of the Republic of Belarus and Linkage with Balance of Payments Statistics (Belarus) PDF PDF
Experience from in bilateral comparisons of Trade in Goods Statistics among EAEU countries (Belarus) PDF PDF

Republic of Belarus: Experience in Compilation of Regional BoP (Belarus ) PDF PDF

National Bank of Moldova contribution to ROW compilation in the Republic of Moldova (Republic of Moldova) PDF PDF
The account of the ROW of the Republic of Moldova and the relationship with the BoP (Republic of Moldova) PDF PDF
Session 3: Selected methodological and practical issues

Processing, merchanting, resale of goods

Processing, Merchanting and resale of goods - A theoretical introduction (Eurostat) PDF PDF

Application of Economic Ownership in Dutch National Accounts (Netherlands) PDF PDF

Goods sent abroad for processing in national accounts of Ukraine (Ukraine) PDF  PDF

CIF/FOB adjustments

The CIF/FOB adjustment in BoP and national accounts (Norway) PDF PDF

Reconciliation of Goods Accounts - CIF/FOB adjustments in Albania (Albania) PDF PDF


Remittances theoretical concept BPM6 - background document PDF  PDF

Remittances - A theoretical introduction (Eurostat) PDF  PDF

Balance of Payments - Private transfers (FYROM) PDF PDF

Tajik Experience in Compiling Balance of Payments Statistics - Collection and compiling data on Remittances (Tajikistan) PDF PDF


FISIM and the external account (ECB) PDF PDF

Estimation of the FISIM for the balance of payments purposes (Serbia) PDF  PDF
Session 4: Conclusion and Way forward

Background documents

Chapter 5: Guide to Measure Global Production PDF PDF
Link to download all presentations in one file ZIP ZIP