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Addressing housing affordability issues in the UNECE Region in the context of economic, financial and migration crises: challenges and good practices

17 March 2016

Side event to the European Habitat Conference

Time: 17:30 to 19:00
Venue: Meeting Hall IV, Prague Congress Center, Prague
Language: English

In December 2015, the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management at its seventy-sixth session discussed existing practices for the provision of affordable adequate housing. To address consequences of the economic, financial and migration crises, the Committee decided to prepare, in cooperation with partner organizations, a study on how countries and cities in the UNECE region have tackled the economic and financial crises after 2008, and how they are addressing the current migration crisis in terms of the provision of affordable housing. The study would focus on experiences so far and will document best practices. It will be implemented jointly by the UNECE in cooperation with UN-Habitat and other UN agencies. 

The objective of this side event is to discuss the preparation of the study on affordable housing in the context of economic, financial and migration crisis.

This side event is organised by the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management and its Real Estate Market Advisory Group in cooperation with the UN-Habitat Housing Unit, the Human Rights and Economic and Social Issues section of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Housing Europe: the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing and the International Union of Tenants.

Draft agenda


Ms. Gulnara Roll, Head, Housing and Land Management Unit, UNECE     PDF

Ms. Orna Rosenfeld,  Sciences Po – L’institut d’études politiques, Paris     PDF

Mr. Bahram Ghazi, Office of Higher Commissioner for Human Rights - OHCHR     PDF

Ms. Christian Schantl, Vienna´s Housing Company, City of Vienna (Austria)     PDF1     PDF2

Mr. Julien Dijol, Housing Europe Secretariat     PDF

Mr. Magnus Hammar, Secretary General, International Uniton of Tenants     PDF

Mr. Gerry Muscat, Head of Division, Regional and Urban Development Division, Projects Directorate, European Investment Bank     PDF

Mr. Luigi Cuna, Evaluator, Evaluation Department, Council of Europe Development Bank     PDF

Ms. Fernanda Lonardoni, Housing Unit, UN-Habitat     PDF

For more information on the event, please contact:

Gulnara Roll
Head, Housing and Land Management Unit
Email: Gulnara.Roll@unece.org
Tel: +41 79 4770840

Christophe Lalande
Leader, Housing Unit
Email: Christophe.Lalande@unhabitat.org
Tel: + 254 20 762 341

 Permanent URL: www.unece.org/housing/prague-affordablehousing