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Workshop on best available techniques, organized by the Task Force on Techno-economic Issues

20 - 22 April 2016

Berlin, Germany

For more information about the meeting, please contact:
Mr. Tiziano Pignatelli (Co-Chair of the Task Force;tiziano.pignatelli[at]enea.it) and
Mr. Jean-Guy Bartaire (Co-Chair of the Task Force; jean-guy.bartaire[at]edf.fr)

Workshop flyer is available here.

Agenda is available here

Session 1: Chaired by Bill Harnett
Different BAT approaches in different UNECE regions

Capacity-building activities managed by the Secretariat
Alina Novikova, Secretariat of the Convention

Provisions on BATs in the Protocols to the Convention
Alisher Mamadzhavov, Secretariat of the Convention
The European BAT approach
Georgios Chronopoulos , European IPPC Bureau Seville
The BAT approach in the US
Bill Harnett, US EPA
New Policies to Promote better Air Quality in the Russian Federation
Victoria Venchikova, Environment Ministry, Russia
Information on The Batumi Ministerial Conference
Richard Ballaman
Session 2: Chaired by Emmanuel Fiani
Dissemination of information and communication on BAT
The Clearing House on Technologies
Nadine Allemand, Citepa, France
Session 3: Chaired by Katja Kraus
BAT for priority sectors identified in the EECCA countries
BAT in the Iron and Steel Industry
Sebastian Plickert, Germany
The review of the BAT Reference Document on Surface treatment using organic solvents
Georgios Chronopoulos, European IPPC Bureau Seville
The Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the Non-Ferrous Metals Industries (NFM BREF)
Dr Claus Meyer-Wulf, Eurometaux
The new BAT guidance document on mobile sources of the Gothenburg Protocol
Leonidas Ntziachristos, EMISIA
Key elements for integrated permitting (from the point of view of national authorities)
Michael Suhr; Umweltbundesamt Nicoletta Valeria Trotta, Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea
Session 4: Chaired by Jean-Guy Bartaire
BAT for Power Plants
The requirements from the Gothenburg Protocol and the HM Protocol for Power Plants
Alisher Mamadzhavov, Secretariat of the Convention

Implementation of BAT in the electricity sector from industry point of view
Martin Ruhrberg, BDEW, Germany

The Apatity plant; Application of the TFTEI Cost Methodology
Nadine Allemand, Citepa, France
Opportunities and challenges from the implementation of the Gothenburg Protocol obligations in the Power Plant Sector in Belarus
Sergey Kakareka, Belarus
Session 5: Chaired by Tiziano Pignatelli
Activities in the EECCA region to facilitate the implementation on BAT
Building expertise in the field of Modelling in EECCA
Katarina Yaramenka, IVL Sweden 
Role of the EECCA coordination group with regard to implementation
Alexander Romanov, SRI, Russia
Experience made during implementation of LRTAP Protocols and BAT in Serbia
Jasmina Bogdanovic

Overview of the answaers to the questionnaire from participants from the EECCA Region
Nadine Allemand, Citepa, France