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Seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention

17 - 19 November 2015

Budapest, Hungary

High level side event on the EU Water Initiative and National Policy Dialogues with signature of agreements

Programme                                                                                                                                         PDF

Cooperating in transboundary basins - what are the benefits?

Programme PDF
What is a benefit assessment? Key messages of the Policy Guidance Note on the Benefits of Transboundary Water Cooperation
Roberto Martin-Hurtado, Consultant to UNECE
Benefits of Transboundary Cooperation in Neman and Pregolya River Basins,
Bernardas Paukštys, GWPCEE

UNECE tools and approaches for preventing accidental water pollution and its transboundary consequences

UNECE tools and approaches for preventing accidental water pollution and its transboundary consequences
Programme PDF
Lessons learned and the UNECE Joint Expert Group’s strategy for risk reduction 
Gerhard Winkelmann-Oei, Germany, JEG co-Chair from the UNECE Industrial Accidents Convention
Preventing accidental water pollution based on the UNECE Safety Guidelines and Good Practices for Tailings Management Facilities,
Iryna Nikolaieva, Ecoplatform LLC,
John Vijgen, International HCH & Pesticides Association
Preventing accidental water pollution based on the UNECE Checklist for Contingency Planning for Accidents affecting Transboundary Waters,
Claes-Hakan Carlsson, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
ICPDR Accident Risk Spot and Contaminated Site inventories
Adam Kovacs, Secretariat to the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR)



Can transboundary issues be resolved in a non-confrontational manner? An ambitious agenda for the Implementation Committee of the Water Convention

Programme PDF
Beyond legal aspects: technical assistance in promoting transboundary cooperation
Ivan Zavadsky, Member of the Implementation Committee

Side event for non-UNECE countries

Programme                                                            ENGFRE
The Water Convention: provisions and intergovernmental framework     
Ms. Francesca Bernardini, UNECE

The UN Watercourses Convention – Next steps

Two Global Water Conventions - Compatible and Complementary
Antti Belinskij, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
History and contents of the UNWC
Fabien Dupuis, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
Informal gathering of the Parties to the UN Watercources Convention,
15-16 September 2015, Paris, UNESCO, HQ
Heide Jekel, Federal Environment Ministry, Germany

From the water-food-ecosystems nexus assessment in transboundary basins to practical measures 


UNECE nexus methodology
Mark Howells and Lucia de Strasser, Professor, Energy Systems Analysis,Royal Institute of Technology
Annukka Lipponen, UNECE

The water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus in the South-Eastern Europe and the MENA: from river basin and national scales to sub-regional experience sharing
Dimitris Faloutsos Head, South East Europe Team leader TWRM, Nexus
The Niger Basin: support to current intersectoral development plans from a nexus assessment
Jean Compaore, Niger Basin Authority;
Marlos De Souza, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Valorisation de l’Eau d’Irrigation - Expérience de l’OSS dans la région du Système Aquifère du Sahara Septentrional (SASS) en Afrique du Nord,
Djamel Latrech, Chargé de Projet Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel (OSS)
Water – Food – Energy – Ecosystems Nexus Assessment in the Sava River Basin
Dragana Milovanović, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Water Directorate Republic of Serbia
Dejan Komatina,Secretary, ISRBC

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Experience in River Basin Management Example: International Rhine Commission (1950-2015)

ICPR (1950-2015), Anne Schulte-Wülwer-Leidig, ICPRPDF
Le processus du SDAGE de la CICOS, Blaise-Leandre Tondo, CICOSPDF
Experiences from the Danuber River Basin, Ivan Zavadsky, ICPDRPDF

Activities in Central Asia to support the implementation of international water law


Focus on Groundwater in  the 2030 Agenda: Key messages,  priorities for action and role of the Convention

Groundwater Governance a Global Framework for Action, Alice Aureli, UNESCO-IHPPDF
UNESCO and the Water convention, Alice Aureli, UNESCO-IHPPDF
From Assessment to Implementation, Neno Kukuric, IGRACPDF

Climate change adaptation and flood risk management in transboundary basins

Climate change adaptation and Flood Risk Management in Transboundary Basins - Experience of the Nile Basin Initiative
John Rao Nyaoro, HSC Executive Director, Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)
Mountains and water regime of transboundary watersheds - Case study: The Carpathian basin under climate change 
Harald Egerer, Carpathian Convention
Transboundary issues in flood management in Hungary
Árpád Szentiványi Flood protection department leader General Directorate of Water Management Ministry of Interior, Hungary
Experiences  and  results  of the Hungarian-Ukrainian transboundary water cooperation
Zoltan Balint, VIZITERV Environ Kft
Nikoletta Ravallo, Ukraine, Water Directorate
Strategic framework for the Neman River Basin adaptation to climate change
Vladimir Korneev, Republic of Belarus