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Meeting of the Group of Experts on Population and Housing Censuses

28 - 30 September 2016

Geneva, Switzerland


Document Title
1 Provisional annotated agenda PDF PDF
Tentative Timetable (updated 22 Sep) PDFPDF
INF.1 Information Note Word
2 Report of the meeting PDF
  Item 2. Assessing costs and benefits of censuses
22 Life and value of data after the results are published: scholarly and policy research uses of census microdata from the IPUMS International partnership (University of Minnesota) PDFPDFPPT
23 Using cost modelling in the 2021 England and Wales Census to inform design decisions (United Kingdom) PDFPDF
Item 3. Frameworks and tools for bilateral and multilateral cooperation among NSIs with regard to censuses
8 Challenging the United States Census Bureau’s Mission:  From Sharing our Expertise Globally to Modernizing our International Cooperative Efforts (United States of America) PDFPDFPDF
Item 4. Alternative methods for counting of population, in particular hard-to-count population groups
9 Reengineering Address canvassing for the 2020 Census of the United States (US Census Bureau) PDFPDFPDF
14 Some thoughts on taking a census of hard-to-count populations based on a few examples in France (France) PDFPDFPDF
15 Coverage challenges in a multi-frame integrated census (Israel) PDFPDFPDF
20 Preliminary results from testing a question on sexual identity, and some challenges around collecting gender identity (United Kingdom)
Item 5. Methods for assessing quality and usability of registers and administrative sources
3 The integration of administrative data sources in Italy to increase Population Census data availability (Italy) PDFPDFPDF
4 When is administrative data good enough to replace statistical information? A quality indicator based on census comparison (Portugal) PDFPDFPDF
7 Assessing the usability of a statistical population register for the Census of Population in Canada (Canada) PDFPDFPDF
12 Securing Interoperability of State Information Systems for the Register-based Census in Estonia (Estonia) PDFPDFPDF
17 Evaluation of the quality of population register data in Slovenia by conducting a targeted survey on plausible emigration (Slovenia) PDFPDFPDF
18 Evaluating the potential for moving away from a traditional census (United Kingdom)
21 Outline for UNECE Guidelines on the use of registers and administrative data for population and housing censuses (UNECE Task Force) PDFPDFPDF
Item 6. Innovations in census methodology and technology, and results of testing
5 Towards a base register of territorial units to improve quality and geo-referencing of census data (Italy) PDFPDFPDF
13 Standardization of the geocoding as the basis of linkage the census data with the spatial data and flexible dissemination of final census statistics (Poland) PDFPDFPDF
16 Innovative approaches used in the 2016 Canadian Census (Canada) PDFPDFPDF
19 Innovations of the 2016 Microcensus in Hungary (Hungary) PDFPDFPDF
Item 7. Possible uses of new data sources (e.g. “Big Data”) for censuses
6 Three examples of innovative data sources in 2021 Spanish Census (Spain) PDFPDFPDF
10 Is it possible to use Big Data in the 2020 Census Round? (Poland) PDFPDFPDF
11 New data sources and new technologies in traditional methodology of population censuses: plans for the Russian National Population Census of the 2020 round (Russian Federation) PDFPDFPDF
Item 9: Other business
24 How the 1921 UK Census anticipated the 2020 Recommendations PDFPDF