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ITS for sustainable mobility and the mitigation of climate change

7 October 2015

Link to the page dedicated to the Ministers' round table here.

07. Oct. 2015 - UNECE organized its annual flagship ITS workshop, this year in Bordeaux during the ITS World Congress 2015, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Ecology (MEDDE) and with the support of the Michelin Bibendum Challenge (MBC). In line with the objectives of COP21, international experts and decision-makers presented how new services in mobility and ITS technologies can improve road safety and transport efficiency as well as be used to mitigate climate change, addressing the Lima Paris Action Agenda. 

Concept note

Blog entry about this event 

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More about the speakers and moderators: here


Opening remarks  

France and UNECE 


Key note speeches

  • Vice-president of Urban Community of Bordeaux, Mr. Labardin
  • Executive Secretary of UNECE, Mr. Friis Bach


High-level panel

This session will explore the impact of ITS on sustainable mobility – expectations for the future and discuss the latest developments in ITS and how they can support the shift towards sustainable mobility.

Moderated by Dr. Oliva (MCB) with presentations on:

  • Expectations related to ITS and mobility - Mr. Todt (FIA, UNSG Special Envoy for Road safety)
  • ITS and the future of Transportation - Mrs. Molnar (UNECE)
  • Expectations related to ITS and the mobility - Prof. Kobayashi (Kyoto University)
  • Application smartphone e.g. Blablacar - Mrs. Wagner (Blablacar)
  • Financial policies for ITS to limit climate change - Mrs. Breuil (AFD)


ITS for Sustainable Transport

This session will discuss how ITS can support and promote sustainability both from the environmental point of view and from the point of view of road safety, focusing on reducing CO2 emissions and enabling more ecological driving. 

Moderated by Mr. Nissler (UNECE) with presentations on:

  • Recent Trends of ITS projects in China - Prof. Wang (China)
  • Reduction of CO2 in the city  - Mr. Richard (Orange)
  • Door to door - Last logistic km - Mr. Jacquier (SNCF, iDPAS)
  • ITS for road safety - Mr. Forbes (DfT, UK)


New Services in Mobility

This session will discuss the latest innovations and services in mobility and how they can contribute to safety and environmental sustainability.

Moderated by Mr. Janin (France), with presentations on new mobility aspects such as:

  • Secured exchanges of data along the logistic chains, applications for safety and climate - Pr Guy Doumeingts (Univ. Bordeaux) and Mr. Reynauld (Geolocsystem)
  • ITS and the last mile - Martyn Briggs (Frost & Sullivan)
  • Innovative software and services in mobility - Russell Shields (ITU, Ygomi,LLC)     
  • C-ITS - Gerhard Menzel (DG Move, EC)
  • Smartphone based services and road vehicles - Mr. Guichard (UNECE)


Conclusions and wrap-up

  • France
  • Michelin Challenge Bibendum


Download the detailled programme here: PDF

PDF Workshop flyer 
PDF Detailed programme
ebook Michelin Challenge Bibendum - Le petit livre de la mobilité 
PDF UNECE - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for sustainable mobility 
Keynote speeches
PDF Mr. Friis Bach
PDF Mr. Labardin
PDF Mr. Todt
PDF Prof. Wang
PDF Mrs. Breuil
PDF Prof. Kobayashi
PDF Mr. Richard
PDF Mr. Jacquier
PDF Mr. Forbes
PDF Prof. Doumeingts and Mr. Reynaud 
PDF Mr. Briggs
PDF Mr. Menzel
PDF Mr. Schields
PDF Mr. Guichard


This workshop is an associated event to the 2015 World Congres on ITS organized in Bordeaux, France


It will take place in the Palais des Congrès in rooms F1 and F2 in Bordeaux.


Please register online on the webpage of our partner for the organization of the workshop.



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