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The System for the Evaluation of the Management of Forests SEMAFOR

The UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section has been collecting statistical information related to forests and has contributed to regional and global forest resources assessments since 1948. The section has developed an extensive system of monitoring and evaluation of all aspects related to the state of forests, wood resources, forest functions and services, forest products and markets, and sustainable forest management.

Currently the reporting covers all pillars of sustainable forest management (SFM) and includes most of SFM indicators. Basing on the results and experienced collected through the past assessments, UNECE/FAO has been developing, with national and international experts, a new method to assess the sustainability of forest management in ECE member States. This experimental method, is being applied on a pilot basis in 2014/2015

The System for the Evaluation of the Management of Forests SEMAFOR is being developed to report on the sustainability of forest management at the national or subnational level. It aims to answer two questions:

  • What are the areas of concern with regard to sustainability (in a given country)?
  • How are the areas of concern (in a given country) being addressed now?

It also aims to identify strong and weak aspects of a given country’s situation with regard to sustainable forest management, and to help national policy makers to compare their situation with that of other countries and undertake corrective measures, if necessary. 

Such a mechanism could serve as an example in monitoring the implementation of forest related SDGs to other goals and targets as well as to other regions.

For more detailed information on the SEMAFOR project please follow this link, or contact Mr Roman Michalak.