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The Secretary-General appoints Christian Friis Bach of Denmark as the next Executive Secretary of UNECE

Published: 10 July 2014

The United Nations Secretary-General announced yesterday that he had appointed Christian Friis Bach of Denmark as the next Executive Secretary of UNECE.

He will replace Sven Alkalaj of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to whom the Secretary-General is grateful for his commitment and dedicated service to the Organisation.  

Mr. Friis Bach brings to the position a combination of deep knowledge in international economy and development affairs coupled with innovative and results-oriented leadership. He is currently Head of the Parliamentarian Group for the Danish Social/Liberal Party.

Mr. Friis Bach previously served as Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation (2011-2013) and Special Advisor to the European Union Commission for the United Nations Global Sustainability Panel (2010-2011). He is honorary professor of international economics and development at the University of Copenhagen (2009-2014) and has been associate professor in international economics and development economics, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (1999-2005). Mr. Friis Bach has a long history with civil society, notably as the International Director for the DanChurchAid (2005-2010) and as Chairman of the Danish Association for International Cooperation (1997-2001).

Mr. Friis Bach holds a Ph.D. in International Economics (1996) and an MSc in Agronomics (1992) from the Royal Danish Agricultural University in Copenhagen.

Born in 1966, Mr. Friis Bach is married and has three children.

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