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Study tour in the Czech Republic ‘Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment at the national level in the field of urban planning, waste management, agriculture and energy sector’

1 - 5 December 2014


Participants visiting Dolni Vitcovice in Ostrova, a former steel plant that was closed in 1998 after 170 years of continuous production of steel. Nowadays turned into a unique historical and cultural site.

The tour was organized by the secretariat of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention) and its Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment (Protocol on SEA) with the financial support of the European Union funded programme “Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood” (EaP GREEN) and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The aims of the study tour were:

  • to support and empower the national experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine in implementation of SEA related activities in their own countries, including the pilot projects; 
  • to provide participants with best practice examples on the application of SEA in the strategic planning process in one of the Parties of the Protocol; 
  • to offer a forum for the exchange of experience on SEA among experts in the region; and 
  • to allow regional experts to establish working contacts as a basis for future cooperation.

The study tour participants will learn about the Czech SEA system, including legislation, institutional structure and procedures, as well as the results of and lessons learned in the application of SEA to selected plans and programmes. They will meet with representatives of various authorities, consultants and non-governmental organizations that deal with SEA on a daily basis. Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss existing challenges and success factors to facilitate a transition to a modern planning system that includes SEA.

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Background Material 

SEA (Part I) - results of changes in the legislation RUS
SEA (Part II)- capacities and institutional arrangements RUS
SEA (Part III ) - existing practice  RUS

Закон Чешской Республики № 100/2001 об оценке воздействия на окружающую среду и об изменении некоторых взаимосвязанных законов, включая положения о СЭО 


Introductory session
Introduction to the study tour, Introduction to the Czech SEA system
Mr. Michal Musil and Martin Smutny, Integra Consulting Ltd.

Introduction to UNECE Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment and technical assistance programme EaP GREEN
Elena Santer, Secretariat of the Espoo Convention

Practical aspects of SEA for land-use plan
Mr. Libor Krajíček, Atelier T-Plan, SEA experts


Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment at the national level in the field of urban planning, waste management, agriculture and energy sector
Mr. Petr Roth, Nature protection expert


Legal aspects of SEA with special focus on the transposition of the EU SEA Directive
Mr. Libor Dvorak, Director of the Legal Department


State Environmental expertise and system strategic Environmental evaluation in the partner countries (based on the review of the legislation 2013-2014)
Elena Santer, Secretariat of the Espoo Convention


SEA in Waste Management Sector
Mr. Jaromir Manhart, Head of Waste Management Department, MoE
Mr. Vladimir Zdražil, Agriculture University, SEA expert


The role of the Ministry of environment in the process of assessing the impact of Environmental concepts
Zuzana Indráková, Department of Environmental impact assessment and comprehensive prevention


Practical experience with administration of SEA processes at the regional level
Ms. Hana Kucova, Head of the SEA Unit


SEA for Regional Spatial Plan
Mr. Ervin Severa, Head of Spatial Planning Unit


SEA in Industry and Energy Sections
SEA for National Recycle Waste Policy
Ms. Pavlinkova Kulhankova, Director of Ecology Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade


SEA in Industry and Energy Sector
SEA for National Energy Policy
Ms. Katerina Kovacovska, Director of Energy Policy Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade


SEA in Transport Sector
System of transport planning
Mr. Vit Sedmidubsky, Head of Transport Planning Unit, Ministry of Transport


SEA for National Transport Programme
Mr. Vladimir Zdražil, Agriculture University, SEA expert


SEA in Transport Sector
SEA for National Transport Strategy
Mr. Michal Musil, Integra Consulting


Climate change in SEA
Mr. Jiří Dusík, Integra Consulting Ltd


Public Health in SE
Ms. Eva Rychlikova, Heath Institute, Health expert


Study tour evaluation
Mr. Michal Musil, and Mr. Martin Smutny, Integra Consulting Ltd.


For more information regarding the participants and activities during an intensive five day programme in Prague and Ostrova, please access the article at the UNECE weekly: Study tour in Czech Republic fosters practical implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment

You may check the Study tour photos from Prague and Ostrova by clicking here.