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Meetings and Events

Launch of the third Environmental Performance Review of the Republic of Moldova

5 June 2014

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

UNECE assesses the environmental performance of the Republic of Moldova

Chisinau: UNECE and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova launched the third Environmental Performance Review (EPR) report of the Republic of Moldova today, 5 June 2014, in front of an audience of key Governmental institutions, NGOs, international organizations and mass media.
Mr. Gheorghe Şalaru, Minister of Environment and Mrs. Ivonne Higuero, Chief of Operational Activities and Review Section, UNECE Environment Division made presentations on the different aspects of the EPR report for the Republic of Moldova.

The Review concludes with a set of recommendations to help the Republic of Moldova to improve its environmental management, to better integrate the goals of sustainable development into sectoral policies, to promote greater accountability to the public and to strengthen cooperation with the international community. The recommendations of the EPR will be integrated into the country’s environmental protection policy and sustainable development strategy, thus contributing significantly to the improvement of environmental management and the further integration of environmental and economic concerns.

The EPR of the Republic of Moldova can be found here

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