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25th meeting of THE PEP Bureau, Copenhagen

26 - 27 June 2014


Information Circular

Secretariat note 01: List of documents of the 25th meeting of THE PEP BureauPDF
Secretariat note 02: Provisional programme of the 25th meeting of THE PEP Bureau PDF
Secretariat note 04: Report of the 24th meeting of THE PEP Bureau PDF
Secretariat note 05: Advance copy of the 4HLM report PDF
Secretariat note 06: Proposed procedure for establishing and joining a THE PEP PartnershipPDF
Secretariat note 07: Draft proposal for phase 2 of the work of THE PEP Partnership on jobs in green and healthy transport PDF
Secretariat note 08: Draft concept note on THE PEP Academy PDF
Secretariat note 09: Concept note and draft programme for the Kaunas Workshop PDF
Information note 10: Proposal for THE PEP Partnership on the Integration of Transport, Health
and Environmental Objectives with Urban and Spatial Planning Policies
Secretariat note 11: Draft agenda of THE PEP SC12PDF
Secretariat note 12: Draft concept note on the 2014 THE PEP SymposiumPDF
Secretariat note 13: Draft programme of work 2014-2015PDF
Secretariat note 14: Draft workplan 2014-2019PDF
Secretariat note 15: Draft questionnaire for reporting on the implementation of THE PEPXLS
Secretariat note 16: not issued
Secretariat note 17: Environmental Performance Review information notePDF
Secretariat note 18: Monitoring progress towards the Paris goalsPDF
Information note 19: Report of the National Cycling Officers Network Meeting and the firstPDF