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CES Bureau meeting

9 - 10 February 2016



Document Title
Agenda PDF  
Timetable PDF
Report PDF
2In-depth review on developing geospatial information servicesPDF
2/Add.1UNECE comments on GISPDF
3Proposal for further work on leading, composite and sentiment indicatorsPDF
4Report of the Task Force - Updated CES frameworkPDF
5Steering group on sustainable development
6Steering group on Population and housing censuses and Task force on register-based and combined censuses ToRPDF
7Entrepreuneurship: proposal for further workPDF
8Outcomes of the activities of the High Level Group-MOSPDF
9Set of key climate change-related statisticsPDF
10Organization of the CES 2016 seminar on strategic partnershipsPDF
11Organization of the CES 2016 discussion on SDG monitoringPDF
12Revised draft outline for the CES 2016 seminar on geospacial informationPDF
13Annoted provisional agenda for CES 2016 plenary sessionPDF
14Cover note of the Final Report of the TF on measuring circular migrationPDF
14/Add.1Final report - Defining and measuring circular migrationPDF
15Cover note of the TF on measuring human capitalPDF
15/Add.1Guide on measuring human capitalPDF
16Cover note of the Interim report on the value of official statisticsPDF
16/Add.1Value of official statistics - Interim reportPDF
17Generic Statistical Law
18New challenges in capacity building activities, modernization and SDGsPDF
19Implementation of the 2015 statistical programmePDF