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Workshop on Forest Products Statistics for National Statistical Correspondents

27 - 28 May 2014

International Agricultural Training Centre, Ankara, Turkey

The workshop will bring together the national statistical correspondents from 11 member countries of UNECE/FAO to share experiences related to the forest products statistical processes in their countries, namely to identify and discuss constraints in the production of forest products statistics. It will also provide opportunities for the national correspondents to improve their skills, and thus their countries’ ability to fulfill commitments under international agreements to provide reliable data and to enhance national capacities in this area through the exchange of knowledge.

Documents (English and Russian)

Provisional Agenda|   ENG        |RUS

Registration Form|   ENG        |RUS

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire 2013|   ENG        |RUS

JFSQ Manual|   ENG        |RUS

Definitions 2013|   ENG        |RUS

Historical data, 2000-2012|        |ENG/RUS

Form for report on forest products data compilation process|        |RUS



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