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Training materials


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The publication Innovation Policy for Green Technologies, Guide for Policymakers in the Transition Economies of Europe and Central Asia  includes six modules:

Title of moduleDownload
1.  Introductionpdf
2.  Climate adaptation challenges and priorities pdf
3.  Policy instruments for cost-effective adaptationpdf
4.  Innovation systems and policies in transition economies in Europe and Central Asiapdf
5.  Assessing innovation performance in transition economies in Europe and  Central Asiapdf
6.  Policy options and recommendationspdf
Answers to multiple choice questionspdf

Public-Private Partnerships


1. Introduction to PPPs

2. Good governance

3. Risks in PPPs 

4. PPP procurement

5. PPP and sustainability

6. Preparing an outline business case for a PPP project


The information provided here, including the structure of the training materials and the expected learning outcomes for each module, is provided for illustration purposes only.

If you are interested in knowing more on the full set of training modules, please get in touch with Tony Bonnici by e-mail: tony.bonnici(at)unece.org.