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Recommendation 35 - ECE/TRADE/401

Published: January 2014

UN/CEFACT Recommendation 35: Establishing a Legal Framework for an International Trade Single Window


Among the first tasks in establishing a Single Window facility in a country is a timely and thorough analysis of existing and potential legal barriers related to trade data exchange, based on a review of the established practices governing the flow of trade-related information. Setting up a Single Window facility entails changes and clarifications to existing data exchange processes and hence, to existing laws and regulations, such as laws on electronic submission of documents, electronic signatures including digital signatures, data retention and electronic evidence, to name a few. Recommendation Number 35 was developed in response to requests from stakeholders on how to approach the common legal issues encountered when introducing a Single Window facility. It provides advice and guidance on these matters in the form of a checklist of common legal issues encountered when introducing a Single Window facility.

The publication (ECE/TRADE/401) of Recommendation 35 adds to the suite of products offered by UNECE to assist with the establishment of a Single Window. There is no particular or special sequence in which UNECE Recommendations on Establishing a Single Window should be used or applied. Implementers should take the suite of available Recommendations and work on the strategy, policy, technical, data harmonization and legal frameworks simultaneously.