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Fifth Workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary Basins

14 - 15 October 2014

Geneva, Switzerland

The fifth workshop on water and adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins took place in the Palais des Nations in Geneva in room XII, 14-15 October 2014 back-to-back with the 7th meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate (Geneva, 13 October 2014) under the leadership of the Governments of the Netherlands and Switzerland, with the support of the UNECE secretariat.

The workshop focused on developing and implementing climate change adaptation strategies and measures, considering expected outcomes at the transboundary level. It brought together professionals from all over the world working on adaptation to climate variability and change, with a special but non-exclusive focus on transboundary basins.

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Information noticePDFPDFPDF
Provisional programmePDFPDFPDF

Invitation to a special side event - Sharing Experiences in River Basin Management

Marketplace of tools: Adaptation measuresPDFPDFPDF
List of participantsPDF
Climate change impact on water resources: a summary of recent findings
Mr. Pascal Peduzzi, UNEP
How to ensure resilience and robustness in adaptation, including water infrastructure
Mr. Casey Brown, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)/ University of Massachusetts
Session 1: Development and implementation of transboundary adaptation strategies
Development of a strategic framework for basin adaptation and implementation plan as well as links with national activities in the Dniester river basin
Mr. Yurii Nabyvanets and Mr. Gherman Bejenaru (Moldova-Ukraine)
The climate change strategy for the Nile Basin Initiative,
Mr. Abdulkarim Seid, Nile Basin Initiative, NBI
Promoting resilience in African river basins
Ms. Jacqueline Tront, World Bank
Serious game

Addressing and resolving transboundary flood issues under climate change, Shariva roleplay,

Mr. Pieter van der Zaag (UNESCO-IHE), Marloes Mul (IWMI)

Session 3: Development of basin-wide scenarios
Requirements for basin-wide scenarios
Mr. Martin Beniston, Director, Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE), University of Geneva
Modelling impacts of climate change and water use in the Zambezi basin
Mr. Lucas Beck, hydrosolutions
Development of basin-wide scenarios and an adaptation strategy by the Mekong River Commission
Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (MRC-CCAI)
Ms. Nguyen Huong Thuo Phan, head, MRC-CCAI
Session 4: Marketplace of tools: adaptation measures
Adaptive water management: adaptation pathways approach and economic analysis
Mr. Ad Jeuken, Deltares
Integration of ecological and engineering approaches
Mr. John Matthews, AGWA
Session 5: Maximizing synergies between adaptation and mitigation
Development of models, transboundary vulnerability assesment and a strategic framework for
basin adaptation in the Neman basin
Mr. Vladimir Korneev, Belarus, and Mr. Vytautas Kalpolkas, Lithuania
Harnessing the Water-Food-Energy-Nexus for transboundary basin management cooperation: a case study of Meghalaya’s climate change adaptation
Mr. Arvind Kumar, India Water Foundation
The climate change action plan for the Alpine region
Mr. Matteo DALL'AMICO, Alpine Convention water platform, on behalf of the Italian Presidency of the Convention
Adaptation-mitigation and the Adaptation Fund
Mr. Mamadou Honadia, Adaptation Fund Board

Beginning a discussion: how do we balance mitigation with adaptation?
Mr. John Matthews, AGWA