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Workshop "Future of social housing: environmental and social challenges and the way forward", Geneva

4 - 5 February 2014

Room V, Palais des Nations, Geneva

UNECE and UN-HABITAT, in cooperation with the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing (CECODHAS), will hold the workshop "Future of social housing: Environmental and social challenges and the way forward" from 4 to 5 February 2014 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva.

The event will develop different concepts of social housing and identify the main challenges that ECE countries need to address. Participants will discuss how to: provide and finance social housing; improve social cohesion and living conditions; reduce energy poverty; and promote environmental sustainability.

The workshop will include a field trip (free of charge, including transport) to an exposition of energy efficient technologies at TA Hydronics, in Nyon. Please find more information about the company at: http://www.tahydronics.com.

During the exposition, lunch and refreshments will be served.

Languages: English, French and Russian with simultaneous translation.

Draft agenda EN  Draft agenda RU

For more information contact: Lucrecia Bertelli, lucrecia.bertelli@unece.org

On 4 and 5 February 2014, the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management, in cooperation with UN-Habitat and the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing (CECODHAS), held the workshop, “The Future of Social Housing: Environmental and Social Challenges and the Way Forward”.

Discussion focused on the impact of the global financial crisis on housing affordability, the responses of different governments, and ways to increase social housing. Among the questions discussed were: different concepts of social housing and how it is provided and financed; the improvement of social cohesion and living conditions; easing energy poverty; and the promotion of environmental sustainability. The workshop is a part of UNECE’s continued effort to improve access to social and energy-efficient housing in the region.

The workshop was an opportunity for stakeholders to examine current challenges and explore potential directions for the future of social housing in their countries and the UNECE region as a whole.

Ms. Elena Szolgayova, Chair, CHLM
Definition of Social Housing 
Ms. Doris Andoni, National Housing Agency, Albania
Human rights and social housing 
Mr. Benjamin Schachter, OCHCR
Housing and Health Challenges 
Dr. Carlos Dora, WHO
Social Housing related to the ILO Framework of Action 
Dr. Edmundo Werna, ILO
Social and affordable housing finance 
Dr. Orna Rosenfeld, UK
Searching for the right approach to green and affordable housing: the example of the EU 2030 energy and climate framework 
Mr. Julien Dijol, CECODHAS Housing Europe
Non-profit organizations as a model for management of social housing 
Mr. Herbert G. Pfeiffer, Federation of Building Societies
The European Responsible Housing Initiative 
Ms. Barbara Steenbergen, IUT
Long term investment and the role of guarantees in social housing finance 
Dr. Julie Lawson, AHURI Research Centre, RMIT
National models of social housing in EU member states: Switzerland 
Mr. Peter Gurtner, Federal Office for Housing of Switzerland
National models of social housing in EU member states: Slovakia 
Ms. Elena Szolgayova, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Slovakia
National models of social housing in EU member states: Czech Republic 
Ms. Daniela Grabmüllerova, Ministry of Regional Development, Czech Republic
National models of social housing in EU member states: Emilia Romagna region, Italy 
Mr. Marco Corradi, Emilia Romagna Housing Company, Italy
Social housing in Belarus 
Mr. Aleksandr Gorval, Ministry of Architecture and Construction, Belarus
Social housing in the Republic of Tajikistan 
Mr. Abduvali Komilov, Committee for Architecture and Construction, Republic of Tajikistan
Financing of social housing in the Republic of Serbia 
Ms. Svetlana Ristic, Ministry of Construction and Urbanism, Serbia
Resource efficiency and Sustainable Housing Initiative 
Ms. Soraya Smaoun, UNEP
Green Social Housing 
Mr. Christophe Lalande, UN-HABITAT
How to make cities less energy and carbon intensive and more resilient to climatic challenges 
Ms. Gulnara Roll, UNECE
Addressing energy efficiency and climate neutrality in humanitarian shelter and housing 
Mr. Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre
Practical examples of sustainable social housing:
Trento case study 
Ms. Michela Chiogna, Trentino Social Housing Organization and Mr. Raffaele Farella, Italy
Quebec case study 
Mr. David Guilbert, Quebec Wood Export Bureau
Sweden experiences and lessons learnt 
Ms. Berit Gullbransson and Pernilla Holgersson, SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden
Designing socially sustainable and inclusive housing for Roma population 
Mr. Marko Nokkala and Ralitsa Dimitrova, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Field trip:
Welcome to TA Hydronics Experience Centre 
TA Hydronics
Visit to TA Hydronics Experience Centre 
TA Hydronics