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Rovaniemi- the Official City of the Second European Forest Week -2013

The city of Rovaniemi, Finland, was declared the official city of the 2013 European Forest Week (EFW) by the 15 partners  who launched the concept earlier this year. In the lead up to the EFW, a press conference will take place in Rovaniemi on 4 November 2013. The event will be opened by the Mayor of Rovaniemi, Mr. Esko Lotvonen, and the UNECE/FAO representatives Paola Deda and Dominique Reeb. If foresters around Europe are being good, may be Santa Claus will also attend the event.

The 2013 EFW will be celebrated with series of events taking place in the city of Rovaniemi from 9 to 13 December 2013. In particular, more than 20 events in parallel to Metsä2013 will be organized by governmental and non-governmental agencies, the academia and the private sector. Some of the organizations to be holding events are the: Swedish Forest Agency; Forestry Commission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; European Forest Institute; Finnish Forest Research Institute; International Union of Forest Research Organization and others. For participants, the host country and different partners in Rovaniemi will organize diverse social and cultural events, including reindeer herding, receptions and field trips. 

The European Forest Week will be also marked throughout Europe. National stakeholders will be organizing events to address forest issues of national relevance. In-country activities may include: celebrations of forests at the national and local levels; specific events by private or public organisations; competitions, exhibits, fairs, school activities; videos and publications. There are still opportunities to organize events throughout Europe, as well as to register and share them on the web-based platform dedicated to the European Forest Week.

To share your event, please click here. For more information, about the European Forest Week please click here or contact the secretariat