Post-2015 interagency paper

The report “Building more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous societies in Europe and Central Asia – A common United Nations vision for the post-2015 development agenda” was prepared within the Regional Coordination Mechanism for Europe and Central Asia and the United Nations Development Group for Europe and Central Asia. Prepared by a team of over a dozen UN entities active in Europe and Central Asia, and coordinated by UNECE and UNDP, it captures the rich experiences of a region that comprises high-, middle- and low-income countries and offers insights for the global debate.

The report was created as a series of 14 short thematic pieces, accompanied by an advocacy paper that lays out the overall vision. The short issue briefs provide policy-makers and negotiators of the future development agenda with a concise overview of the key points for each issue.

These include:

  1. The Europe and Central Asia region – Characteristics, MDG achievement and lessons for the global debate
  2. Population dynamics
  3. Migration in Europe and Central Asia
  4. Gender equality, women’s rights and women’s empowerment in Europe and Central Asia 
  5. Decent jobs for all 
  6. Social protection for all
  7. Quality health and well-being for all
  8. Ensuring quality education for all
  9. Changing production patterns
  10. Changing consumption patterns 
  11. Sustainable agriculture and rural development
  12. Managing the Earth's ecosystems
  13. Governance for sustainable development
  14. The partnership dimension of the post-2015 agenda

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