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Specialized Section on Standardization of Seed Potatoes (GE.6) - Extended Bureau Meeting

28 September - 2 October 2013

Fargo, United States of America

Agenda: revised on 19 Sept. 2013 (GE.6/BUR/2013/1)PDF
Amended Guide on Seed Potato Diseases, Pests and Disorders, proposal by UK
Photographs for the GuidePPT
Survey on sprouted tubers, note by the secretariat (GE.6/BUR/2013/3)PDF
External defects, note by the Netherlands (GE.6/BUR/2013/4)PDF
Tuber moth, proposal by Belgium (GE.6/BUR/2013/5)PDF
Mild and severe virus symptoms, proposals by United States (GE.6/BUR/2013/9)PDF
IPPC-related text in the Standard, proposals by New Zealand (GE.6/BUR/2013/6)PDF
Tolerances by weight or by number, note by Sweden (GE.6/BUR/2013/8)PDF
ESA letter on cutting tubers (GE.6/BUR/2013/10)PDF
Promotional leaflet (GE.6/BUR/2013/7) - not issued
Crop-inspection training field (updated INF.12 of March 2013)PDF
Report of the session
Report (GE.6/BUR/2013/11) DOC
Post-session documents
Guide on Seed Potato Diseases, Pests and Disorders

Photographs for the Guide (file size: 40,420KB) PDF
The StandardDOC
Section position on cutting tubers DOC
Promotional leafletDOC
Field inspection system in Finland PDF