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The Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators is a cross-sectoral body (environment and statistics) established to assist countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Russian Federation and interested countries of South-Eastern Europe in improving environmental statistics, production of agreed environmental indicators, strengthening environmental reporting and promoting comparability of statistics and indicators in the pan-European region.

Within the activities of the Joint Task Force, a workshop was organized on 13 May to discuss water information systems and reporting of water data.

Document Title
Annotated provisional agendaPDFPDF
Report of the 8th sessionPDFPDF
Item 3: Analysis on the production and sharing of UNECE core environmental indicators by countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central AsiaPDFPDF
Item 3(a): Emission of pollutants into the atmospheric airPPT
Item 3(b): Ambient air quality in urban areasPPT
Item 3(c): Consumption of ozone-depleting substancesPPT
Item 3(d): Greenhouse gas emissionsPPT
Item 3(e): Biochemical oxygen demand and concentration of ammonium in riversPPT
Item 3(f): Nutrients in freshwaterPPT
Item 3(g): Protected areasPPT
Item 3(h): Waste generationPPT
How existing municipal solid waste data in ENPI East countries can be used for the development of waste indicatorsPDF
Item 3(i): Review of sharing of the eigth core indicatorsPPT
Item 4: Proposal for tailor-made recommendations to countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia for the production and sharing of Environmental IndicatorsPDFPDF
The way forward for the production and sharing of the indicatorsPPT
Item 5: Futher revision of the Indicator GuidelinesPPT
Regional workshop for the countries of South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia on water information systems and reporting of water data
Annotated provisional agenda PDFPDF
Session 1: National information systems for managing water quality of rivers and lakes, reporting of water data
Setting the scene PPT

National information system for managing water quality for rivers and lakes, differences vis-à-vis procedures used under WISE in Armenia (Armenia)

The quality control system of surface water in the Republic of Belarus (Belarus) PPT

Pilot data sharing – water quality in rivers and lakes based on wise SoE (Georgia)

National Information System for Quality Management of water in rivers and lakes in the Republic of Moldova (Moldova)PPT
Session 2: Exchange of practices in developing national information systems on population`s connection to public water supply and to wastewater treatment
Setting the scene PPT
Water information system in Bosnia and Herzegovina & reporting of water data (Bosnia and Herzegovina)PPT
Water indicators. Data collection, analysis, reporting - Serbian experience (Serbia)PPT