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Country Profiles on the Housing Sector: Romania

The project of the Country Profile on the Housing Sector of Romania was approved by the UNECE Committee on Human Settlements in September 1999. In January 2000, teams of national and international experts were formed to carry out the study. The Governments of Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, the Republic of Moldova and the United Kingdom made national experts available for the task. The travel expenses of the experts from countries in transition and from the UNECE secretariat were covered by extrabudgetary funds, which had been provided by Finland and the Netherlands. The Government of the United Kingdom financed the project coordinator as its contribution in kind. The successful conclusion of the project would not have been possible without this generous support.

The project started with the workshop on housing finance, Timisoara, January 2000. The fact-finding mission of the international team of experts took place in May 2000, the mission to verify the conclusions in July 2000. The Romanian experts responded to the queries and requests of the international team during both these missions.



Chapter I

Framework for the housing sector

Chapter II

Housing stock and construction

Chapter III

Institutional framework

Chapter IV

Legal framework

Chapter V

Financial framework

Summary and recommendations


Full report ECE/HBP/124 (English)

In October 2002 a roundtable discussion to follow-up the country profile was initiated by the Government of Romania. The roundtable brought together once again all the parties which were involved in the country profile. The aim of the round table discussion was to assess the developments in the Romanian housing sector since the international expert team visited Romania in 2000, to evaluate the implementation of the recommendations given by the experts, to discuss future strategies for the Romanian housing sector and to assess the significance of the country profile for Romania’s housing policy.

The main findings of the roundtable discussion are summarized in the report of the Bucharest roundtable.