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Task Force on Measuring Human Capital

Contact person: Mr. Andres Vikat


  • To further pursue the conceptual development of human capital measurement, with priority to be given on developing experimental human capital satellite accounts. The focus of the group should be to develop guidelines and compile best practices to help countries construct experimental satellite accounts for human capital, based on common methodologies and on agreement on the outcome of such accounts. The work should be as consistent as possible with other international statistical standards and systems.;
  • The longer term goal should be to identify areas where further work can be conducted to develop indicators that could more coherently measure the different dimensions of human capital and all of its benefits (economic and non-economic, private and collective).

Terms of Reference (June 2014)

Review on Human Capital Measurement (March 2013)

Draft Guide on Measuring Human Capital (January 2016) French summary Russian summary

Final Guide expected in October 2016