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Secretary-General visits the UNECE/FAO Booth on Innovative Wood Products

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the UNECE and FAO Joint Section booth on 1 July, in Geneva, as he toured the Innovation Fair organized during the ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review to emphasize the importance of innovation for development. 

The UNECE/FAO booth showcased its activities promoting innovation. This included the 2011-2012 Forest Products Annual Market Review, which includes policy advice on how to boost innovation for wood based products. The booth also raised awareness of the potential for innovative forest products in different sectors including: pharmaceuticals, textiles, biofuels, and construction and consumer products. Among the products being showcased were private sector innovations that promote the sustainable use of forest-based materials, for example wood-plastic composites produced from process waste, and wood-based clothing textiles, all sourced from sustainably-managed forests.


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