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Seminar on Trade Facilitation and Single Window

30 May 2013

Odessa, Ukraine


On 30 May 2013, during the Transport Week in Odessa, UNECE is organizing for a third consecutive year a seminar on trade facilitation and Single Window – local solution (port community systems). The seminar is organized with support from the Government of Ukraineq in cooperation with , the Ministry of Revenues and Taxes, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Port of Odessa,and Plaske JSC. The progress made is significant: a first stage of a Port Community System, focused on the e-naryad electronic document, has been launched. The Port of Ilyichevsk has signed a Memorandum on its interest in joining the use of the system. The plan is to expand it to all the maritime commercial sector in Ukraine.

A national Interagency Working Group was established in support of the project in September 2011. It has held eight meetings, seven of them at the headquarters of Ukrainian Customs in Kiev. For a second time the meeting of the Group will be held in Odessa, in conjunction with the UNECE seminar on 30 May. Trade facilitation has moved to the centre stage in Ukraine, in the context of the country’s integration into broader European markets, the improvement of logistics, fostering economic growth through trade facilitation, and enhancing the competitive potential of Ukrainian business.

The seminar will promote the development of a national trade facilitation strategy for Ukraine aimed at cutting the costs and time spent on trade transactions through such measures as: streamlining documentary flows, establishing coordinated border management, introduction of authorized economic operators, as well as a Single Window as an instrument for trade facilitation.

The seminar will provide an oportunity to discuss a general master action plan for the Single Window project – involving regulatory agencies controlling trade flows in the ports, as well as shipping agencies and other business partners. It will offer these agencies a possibility to discuss the functioning of the port community system, with a view to achieve mutually acceptable solutions.

The seminar will assist the Ukrainian project develop further the implementation of international standards for trade information exchange. A practical exercise, demonstrating a model for data harmonization, will take place during the seminar. This exercise will be very useful in case the experience of the project for a local Single Window in the Odessa region will be expanded to the whole maritime sector in Ukraine, or to a national regulatory Single Window in Ukraine.

The seminar will also foster the development of smooth information exchange along trade and transport corridors linked to Eastern and Western Europe, the Black Sea region and Asia, of which a port community system will be an integral part.

Expected outcomes:

  • Outline further master action plan for the port community system (local Single Window), involving various regulatory agencies and the business community, with a view to the expansion of the project to the maritime sector and then to a national regulatory Single Window in Ukraine.
  • Key ideas for a data harmonization methodology to support the Single Window project.
  • Initial ideas for harmonization of trade information exchange in the Black Sea region and the expansion of corridors based on multimodal exchange of data.
  • Initial concept for a national trade facilitation strategy for Ukraine.

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For more information, please contact Mario Apostolov at mario.apostolov@unece.org