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From 25 to 27 June this year in Alushta, Ukraine, the partner organizations - UNECE, EFTA and Eurostat -   will organize a Management Seminar on Global Assessment to share best practices from the present round of global assessments and agree on future strategies. A Global Assessment is a tool for building an effective and sustainable statistical system that fully meets user requirements.

The theme will be “Global assessments - follow-up and next steps” and the seminar will be hosted by the State Statistical Service of Ukraine.

The joint UNECE, EFTA and Eurostat programme of global assessments (GA) was launched in 2009 after a first strategic management seminar “global assessments” in Yalta, Ukraine. Between 2009 and 2012 GAs have been carried out in most countries of South-East Europe (SEE), Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA). This is now the time for a second seminar on “Global assessments – follow-up and next steps”, in order to:

- discuss key findings and good practices concerning the institutional organisation of national statistical systems and their capacity to produce and disseminate official statistics according to international and European standards;

- shared experiences on the implementation of recommendations related to the institutional environment as well as to the production processes, output, dissemination and quality aspects;

- evaluate the programme through exchange of views among participating countries, experts and donors;

- map out common and specific needs and establish a roadmap for focused and coordinated future actions.

This event is targeted at heads of national statistical offices/committees of EECCA and SEE countries including Turkey. Heads of statistics of major international organisations and regional commissions such as UNESCAP, UNESCWA, CIS-STAT and the World Bank are also invited to participate.

For more information, please contact Gabriel Gamez, UNECE Regional Adviser in Statistics, at: gabriel.gamez@unece.org