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UNECE presents its Global Assessment of Tajikistan’s National System of Official Statistics

Published: 25 March 2013

On 7 March, UNECE presented the major findings and recommendations of its Global Assessment of Tajikistan’s National System of Official Statistics.

In partnership with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and Eurostat, UNECE conducted two advisory missions to Tajikistan and drafted the Global Assessment to provide a comprehensive analysis of the country’s institutional, organizational and technical capacity to produce official statistics and comply with international standards and recommendations.

The Assessment will help TAJSTAT, the country’s statistical institute, as well as international organizations and other bilateral partners, to better coordinate and prioritize statistical capacity-building programmes.  

During the launch event in Dushanbe, which gathered representatives from government agencies, ministries, international organizations, media and other stakeholders, Statistics Norway presented its plan for a 3-year project on statistical capacity-building activities in Tajikistan with funding of US$ 2.8 million. The World Bank also presented its contribution to a National Strategy for the development of statistics in Tajikistan.  

The recommendations from the Global Assessment will be incorporated into the National Strategy. Tajikistan’s national programme of statistical work, including the Strategy, will serve as a framework for coordinating technical assistance and mobilizing financial resources from international and bilateral donors.

A Global Assessment is a tool for building an effective sustainable statistical system that fully meets user requirements. Together with partner organizations (EFTA and Eurostat), UNECE has so far conducted global assessments of the national statistical systems of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine, and will soon conduct one for Mongolia. 

From 25 to 27 June this year, the partner organizations will organize a Management Seminar on Global Assessment to share best practices from the present round of global assessments and agree on future strategies.  

The report is available at: www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/stats/publications/Tajikistan_global_Eng.pdf

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