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Forest Information Billboard

The purpose the Forest Information Billboard is to share specific information on forest reporting including advances in reporting processes as well as related projects, publications and events. Contribution to the Billboard is voluntary.

Kindly send your text (max. 250 words) including links to the full source of information as well as related photos or figures to Elina Warsta (elina.warsta(a)unece.org). Editing of the texts is on the full responsibility of contributors.

Initiative for the billboard was made by member States in March 2012 at the meeting of the Joint UNECE/FAO Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management, when the need for a more frequent and regular communication on forest information relevant developments in the UNECE region was discussed. 

Deadlines to provide contributions to the next issues are

15 March 2015
15 June 2015
15 October 2015
15 December 2015




Issue 1 March 2013

Issue 1 March 2014

Issue 1 March 2015

Issue 2 June 2013

Issue 2 June-July 2014

Issue 2 June 2015

Issue 3 September 2013

Issue 3 September 2014

Issue 3 October 2015

Issue 4 December 2013

Issue 4 December 2014

Issue 4 December 2015