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UNFF10 Side Event: Forests and Economic Development

9 April 2013

UNFF10 Istanbul, Turkey, TOPKAPI A

Forests and Economic Development: a Driver for the Green Economy in the ECE Region

This side event discussed the findings of the publication "Forests and Economic Development", which reviews the many ways in which forests contribute to economic development in the ECE region, and analyses, on the basis of recent ECE/FAO studies, the outlook and main challenges for the forest sector in the region: wood energy, sustainability of wood supply, the forest sector workforce, payment for forest ecosystem services, innovation, demonstrating and communicating the sustainability of forest management. 

The publication concludes that the way forward is to establish forests and the goods and services they provide as an integrated part of the green economy.  This is a major opportunity for the ECE region forest sector, which must not be missed.  The Action Plan for the ECE region forest sector in a green economy maps out how the sector could rise to the challenges.

Speakers from UNECE/FAO, FAO, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Russia and Poland shared their views.

The final programme is available here.

For more information contact Elina Warsta


UNFF10 Side Event on Forests and Economic Development Attracted Large Audience

UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section organized a side event to launch the publication “Forests and Economic Development: a Driver for the Green Economy in the ECE Region” on 9 April 2013 in UNFF10 in Istanbul. The event attracted an interested audience of 130 people to hear about recent developments in the forest sector.

Paola Deda, Chief and Dominique Reeb, Deputy Chief, UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section, presented the wide range of information contained in the publication and noted the importance of the ECE region forest sector for a green economy.

Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Assistant Director-General, FAO, summarized the driving forces for the Green Economy from global perspective.

Tom Rosser, Assistant Deputy Minister and Head of Canadian Forest Service, stressed the importance of the forest sector to Canada with 230 000 people directly employed. Canada has reinforced the work on research and innovation by establishing FP Innovations, which engages 600 researchers to focus on transformation of technologies as well as bio-chemicals and materials.

Jari Koskinen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, emphasized the fostering of forest sector transformation towards green bio-based economy, and reminded the participants of the forthcoming meeting Metsä2013 in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Lennart Ackzell from Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners highlighted the importance of land tenure and engaging forest owners.

Alexander Panfilov, the State Secretary and Deputy Head of the Federal Forestry Agency in Russian Federation, listed the challenges of uneven distribution of population, forest resources, industrial facilities and infrastructure in Russia, and underlined the importance of domestic markets.

Nina Dobrzynska, Director of the Department of Forestry and Nature Conservation, Ministry of the Environment in Poland, called attention to the fact that the forest cover has increased from 20,8% in 1945 up to 29,2% in 2012, almost reaching the target of 30% forest cover in Poland. Furthermore, Poland has established a regulatory framework to promote investments in bioenergy in rural areas, and is optimizing the use of forest residues for energy.


Paola Deda, Chief, and Dominique Reeb, UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber SectionPDF
Lennart Ackzell, Senior Advisor, Federation of Swedish Family Forest OwnersPDF
Nina Dobrzyńska, Director of Department of Forestry and Nature Conservation Ministry of the Environment, PolandPDF