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Training Workshop, under the Seveso Directive and the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents, on Risk Assessment and Accident Lessons Learned

20 - 22 November 2013

Ispra (Italy)

(The above is a working title.)


The workshop programme has yet to be finalized but is to address the following topics:

  • Training on relevant applications (eMARS accident reporting database, the ARIPAR/ADAM software and possibly others)
  • Exchange/discussion on case studies and on the analytical process (how to select data for input, develop lessons learned, etc.)
  • Potential uses of outputs from analysis for implementation of the Seveso Directive and the Convention

There will be a number of sessions associated with risk assessment and these will be directly relevant to land-use planning.

e-MARS - What is in it? Some statistics and search capabilities _ E.GuagniniPDF
Hazard and consequence analysis for understanding accident scenarios _  M. HailwoodPDF
Learning from Accidents _ M. Hailwood


Organisational Learning - Industry and Authorities _ M. HailwoodPDF
Accident reporting and the Convention on transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents _ N. SavovPDF
Risk assessment and Land use planning within the framework of the UNECE Convention on transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents _ N. SavovPDF
Lessons learning: systematic but adventurous _ A.L. Vetere ArellanoPDF
What are lessons learned? _ S. GyenesPDF
What is eMARS? _ S. GyenesPDF
Case study example demonstrating application of different EU national approaches_ S. GyenesPDF
Risk acceptance criteria and Land use planning - session 7PDF
Overview of the risk assessment processPDF
Risk acceptance criteria - session 9PDF
Rapid- N: A Natech risk assessment and mapping tool _ S. Girgin, E.KrausmannPDF
Major Accident Hazards Bureau Overview of activitiesPDF