ECASTAT is a World Bank Programmatic Multi-donor Trust Fund created to assist countries of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to improve their statistical systems and increase their capacity to produce reliable, timely and accurate data in line with internationally accepted methodologies and best practices.

ECASTAT was made possible through a $15 million grant from the Russian Federation aimed at enhancing capacity and addressing financial constraints of the statistical systems in Eastern Europe and the CIS. ECASTAT works closely with the UNECE Statistical Division, the CIS Statistical Committee as well as with other multilateral and bilateral partners to improve statistics in the region.

The ECASTAT Steering Committee consists of one representative from the Russian Federation (donor), the Bank’s Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Region (or a designated alternate), the Chairman of the CIS Statistical Committee and the director of the UNECE Statistical Division. It has the responsibility of approving regional (Window 1) and country-specific (Window 2) grant proposals and providing high-level guidance on the priorities, performance and operation of the trust fund.

The deadline for submitting proposals for Window 2 operations is March 27. The maximum amount granted for a proposal under Window 2 is $3 million.

For countries that have undergone a Global Assessment (GA) of their national statistical system, it is strongly encouraged to submit the applications that would address findings and recommendations provided in their respective GA report. 

For any questions or assistance in this respect, please contact Mr. Gabriel Gamez, UNECE Regional Adviser in Statistics by email (, or in person if you have the opportunity to meet him in the context of one of his advisory missions.

For further information, please consult the World Bank ECASTAT website