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Vienna, Austria

The objective of this Expert Group Meeting is to peer review the draft Casebook on Good Practices for Energy-efficient housing in the UNECE region. The Casebook is currently being prepared by the Institute for Urban Economics as a joint project between the UNECE, UN-Habitat and the City of Vienna.

The Casebook has a practical approach: it aims to be a reliable source for decision makers and practitioners on what is and has already been working in the field of energy efficiency on a community level and beyond. It should underline viability of energy-efficient housing, trigger interest and increase acceptability of national stakeholders in this field to, eventually, create demand for energy-efficient retrofitting and construction of new residential buildings.

The concept note for the Casebook is accessible here.

If you would like to learn more about the Casebook, please contact Ms. Maike Christiansen at maike.christiansen@unece.org