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1 Provisional agenda PDF  
1/Add.1 Tentative Timetable PDF
2 In-depth review of big data PDF
3 In-depth review of entrepreneurship statistics PDF
3/Add.1 Comments on the in-review of entrepreneurship statistics PDF
4 Outcome of the in-depth reviews carried out in 2007 - 2013 PDF
7 Steering group on Population and Housing censuses: Progress report PDF
14 Expert Group on Measuring Quality of Employment: Progress report PDF
15 Joint task force on Environmental indicators PDF
20 Evaluation of the June 2013 CES plenary session PDF
21 Organization of the CES seminars PDF
22 Proposed outline for the CES 2014 seminar on Value of official statistics PDF
23 Proposed outline for the CES 2014 seminar on Migration statistics PDF