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Group of experts on measuring quality of employment

11 - 13 September 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

Document TitleDocumentsPresentations
Session 2:  Review of the work of the Expert Group on Measuring Quality of Employment
Presentation of the work of the Expert Group on Measuring Quality of Employment since 2012. Germany PDF
Session 3:  The Statistical Framework for Measuring Quality of Employment
Statistical framework for measuring quality of employmentPDF
Presentation of the draft Statistical framework. EurostatPPT
Session 4:  Indicators for measuring quality of employment
Sub-dimension 1a - Safety at work. The NetherlandsPPT
Sub-dimension 1b – Child labour and forced labour. MoldovaPPT
Sub-dimension 1c – Fair treatment in employment. GermanyPDF
Sub-dimension 2a - Income from employment. CanadaPPT
Sub-dimension 2b – Non-wage pecuniary benefits. LuxembourgPDFPDF
Sub-dimension 3a – Working hours. FinlandPPT
Sub-dimension 3b – Working time arrangements. SwitzerlandPPT
Sub-dimension 3c – Balancing work and non-working life. IsraelPPT
Sub-dimension 4a – Security of employment. ItalyPPT
Sub-dimension 4b - Social Protection. ILOPPT
Proposed context indicators. ILOPPT
Draft indicator definition sheets, dimensions 1 to 4PDF
Doom document: Relating quality of employment to informal employment. WIEGOPDF
Session 5:  Review of indicators for dimension 5 – social dialogue
Measurement of Social Dialogue. ILOPPT
Social dialogue indicators in Luxembourg. LuxembourgPDFPDF
Session 6:  Review of indicators for dimension 6 – skills development and training
Skills development and training. FinlandPPT
Session 7:  Review of indicators for Dimension 7 - Work motivation and workplace relationships
Workplace relationships and work motivation. EurofoundPPT
Session 8: On-going work on measuring quality of employment
Employment quality indicators - national definition and data sources. Central Statistical Office of PolandPDFPPTX
Employment quality in OECD's How's Life initiative, OECDPPT
Eurofound work on job quality indices, EurofoundPPT