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Sixty-first session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (GE.1)

30 April - 3 May 2013

Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Document Symbol Document TitleENGFRERUS
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/1/Rev.1 Agenda - revisedDOC--
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/3 Draft Standard for QuincePDF--
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/4 Proposals on sizing of apples by the November 2011 meetingPDF--
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/5 Sizing of apples and pears, proposal by France and ItalyPDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/6 Standard for ChestnutsPDF--
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/7 Chestnut sizing, proposal by FrancePDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/8 Marking provisions, proposal by South AfricaPDF--
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/9 Chinese cabbage, proposal by GermanyPDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/10 Fennel, proposal by GermanyPDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/11 Shallots, proposal by FrancePDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/12 Plums, proposal by FrancePDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/13 Peaches, proposal by FrancePDFPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/14 Draft Standard for PersimmonPDF--
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/15 Informal meeting on international coordinationPDF--
Document Symbol Document TitleENGFRE
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.1 Measuring chiilies by diameter, proposal by Turkey
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.2 Sizing of pears, proposal by the United KingdomPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.3 Identifying the parentage of varieties within the Mandarin group of soft citrus, note by the United KingdomPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.4 UNECE General Marketing Standard, proposal by the United KingdomPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.5 List of apple varieties, proposal by GermanyPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.6 Standard for apricots, proposal by GermanyPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.7 Standard for plums, proposal by GermanyPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.8 Standard for witloof chicory, proposal by FrancePDFPDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.9 Standard for sweet chestnuts, proposal by FrancePDFPDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.10 Standard for early and ware potatoes, proposal by HungaryPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.11 Standard for watermelons, proposal by HungaryPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.12 Apricot and plum hybrids, note by the United StatesPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.13 Lambs lettuce, proposal by FrancePDFPDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.14 Persimmon, proposal by IsraelPDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.15 Glossary - March 2013 revisionPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.16 Geneva Agreement, proposals by SwitzerlandPDF-
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/INF.17 Position of the United States on the international status of UNECE standardsPDF

Document  Symbol and Title


ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2012/2: Report of the Working Party

ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2011/2: Glossary of termsPDFPDFPDF
WP.7 Working proceduresDOCDOCDOC
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/3: Geneva AgreementPDFPDFPDF
FFV-37: Standard for WatermelonsPDFPDFPDF

FFV-50: Standard for Apples


ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2012/INF.1: Witloof chicory - proposal by Germany

Recommendation for Lambs LettucePDFPDFPDF

ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2012/INF.5: Revised Standard for Fresh Chilli Peppers


ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2012/INF.8: Proposal on sizing pears

Document TitleENGFRERUS
Apples DOC--
Apricots DOC--
Chestnuts DOC--
Chinese Cabbage DOC--
Early and Ware Potatoes DOC--
Fennel DOC--
Fresh Chillies DOC--
Lambs Lettuce DOC--
Pears DOC--
Persimmon DOC--
Plums DOC--
Quince DOC--
Shallots DOC--
Watermelons DOC--
Witloof Chicory DOC--
Document Symbol Document TitleENGFRERUS
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2013/2 Report of the sessionPDFPDFPDF
List of ParticipantsPDF--