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Working Group on Strategies and Review, Fifty-first Session

30 April - 3 May 2013

Registration form Word

Documents TitleENGFRERUS
Annotated provisional Agenda
Report of the Working Group on Strategies and Review on its 51st session
Report of the Working Group on Strategies and Review on its fifty-first session (Corrigendum)
Report of the ad hoc group of experts on the action plan for the implementation of the long-term strategy for the Convention

Review of the Convention's organization and operational structure - subsidiary bodies, task forces and other groups


Communication strategy and Protocols on Persistent Organic Pollutants
and Heavy Metals

Report of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

Exchanging information and good practices to strengthen the implementation of air pollution related policies, strategies and measures in the ECE region

Documents Title ENGFRERUS
N°1 Outline for a draft 2014-2015 workplan for the implementation of the ConventionPDF
N°2 Overview of meetings and reports by all subsidiary bodies to the ConventionPDF
N°3 Proposed template/outline for reporting by Task Forces/Expert Groups to the Working Group on Strategies and Review on implementation of the workplanPDF
N°4 Review of the International Cooperative Programmes (will not be available in time for meeting)
N°5 Guidance document on health and environmental improvements (will not be available in time for meeting)
N°6 Letter from the ChairPDF
N° 7 Flyer/Outline for panel discussion items 4 a, b, c (updated version 01.05)PDF
N° 8 Contribution of TFRN to global nitrogen analysis
Our Nutrient World
N° 9 Benefits of Air Pollution Control for Ecosystems and BiodiversityPDF
N° 10 Challenges and Needs_Protocol on Heavy Metals for discussion under item 4bPDF
N° 11 Challenges and Needs_Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants for discussion under item 4bPDF
N° 12 Document on sensor location problem by Belarus for discussion under item 5PDF
Item 4a
Background questionsPDF
Regulation of agriculture in Denmark - with a fous on reducing ammonia emissions PDF
Incentives for the efficient use of natural resources in the new Swiss Agricultural PolicyPDF
National measures on the abatement of emissions from small and medium combustion installations in GermanyPDF
Regulatory and voluntary efforts in addressing Particulate Matter and Black Carbon in the U.S.PDF
Reduction of SO2 and NOx through a voluntary agreement with the Flemish power plant sectorPDF
The Norwegian NOx TaxPDF
The Swiss experience in reducing diesel soot from construction machineryPDF
Importance of fuel quality, including fuels used for mobile sources and the shipping sectorPDF
Using web resources as tools for knowledge sharingPDF
10° Draft Chairs Summary item 4aPDF
Item 4b
Challenges faced by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia with regard to implementation of the ConventionPDF
Challenges faced by Ukraine regarding implementationPDF
Serbia's recent experience of accession to the Protocols on Heavy Metals and on POPs and on the current status if implementationPDF
Challenges for EECCA countries and possible approaches to address themPDF
Draft Co-Chairs Summary Session 4bPDFPDF
Item 4c
Evidence of health effects on air pollution - by WHOPDF
Item 6
Approaches to decreasing BC emissions - by the International Cryosphere Climate InitiativePDF
Item 8
EU Air Quality Policy and the Review of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution - Update by the European CommissionPDF
Item 9
Report by the Expert Group on Techno-economic IssuesPDF
Report by the Task Force on Integrated Assessment ModellingPDF
Report by the Task Force on Reactive NitrogenPDF

List of Participants PDF